Vieri's Convenient Vows by Andie Brock

Reviewed by Nas Dean

VIERI’SCONVENIENT VOWS by author Andie Brock is a Harlequin Presents release for April 2018.

Vieri Romano makes Harper fulfil her twin sister’s commitment after she fled. So now Harper had to play the role of Vieri’s fake fiancée.

But playing fake fiancée was one thing, now she had to actually marry him and play fake bride. Could she do it? Could she keep playing a role while keeping her heart intact?

VIERI’SCONVENIENT VOWS is a romance filled with emotions and drama. Author Andie Brock brought this story to life on the pages where a reader would sympathize with the hero and heroine yet root for them too.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.


Vieri's Convenient Vows

Andie Brock

Vieri's Convenient Vows

Reviewed by Helen

This was such a good read, I really enjoyed it from page one, a set of twins, a Sicilian Tycoon and journey to a beautiful HEA that was the beginning of new feelings, of learning to love and the joy that, that love will bring two people. I loved the setting and the characters and can highly recommend this one.

Harper McDonald will do anything for anyone really especially her twin sister Leah and when Leah vanishes it is Harper who is off to find out what has happened to her never dreaming that this trip to New York will bring her love and happiness with the strong and formidable Vieri Romano and her agreeance to be his fake fiancé.

Vieri Romano is an orphan who has no family the only person he has is his loving Godfather Alfonso and he will do anything even marry to make his last days happy and when one of his workers absconds with the down payment to be his fake fiancé and suddenly her sister arrives he convinces Harper to become that fake fiancé, and for someone who was always determined to stay single being with Harper opens up a new world for him a world of true love.

This is a beautiful story although Vieri comes across a bit hard in the start he has been hurt badly before and puts up a brick wall and to see Harper break that world down is just so lovely, you see Harper really has spent her life doing for others and now Vieri is getting that help to open up and learn to love and he returns it so well. This is a beautifully written story fabulous characters and with a HEA that left me sighing and smiling, thank you MS Brock for another fabulous story and I do hope that Leah gets her HEA.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published April 1st 2018 by Harlequin Presents