A Daddy Sent by Santa by Susan Carlisle

Reviewed by Nas Dean

A DADDY SENT BY SANTA by author Susan Carlisle is a Medical Romance series release for November 2018.

Nurse Lauren Wilson lived and worked in a small town community with her baby son. So when Doctor Paxton Samuels arrived to work on a rotating shift, she couldn’t really at on their scorching chemistry and attraction for each other, could she?

After all Paxton would soon be gone and she would still be in this small town. Paxton had commitments in the big city and family there.

But they do act on their attraction and give in to the passion flowing between them. What would happen now? Would Pax commit to her and the ready-made family she had?

A DADDY SENT BY SANTA is a sensational story with lots of emotions. Author Susan Carlisle set this story in a beautiful small town getting ready to welcome Christmas. It was simply beautiful to read. I loved the setting as well as Lauren’s huge boisterous family. And I was rooting for Lauren’s son to get his daddy by the ending. This story is pure pleasure to read.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.



Reviewed by Helen

Yes I am way behind in my reading at the moment, but a Christmas story any time of the year and one by Susan Carlisle is sure to leave me smiling, and it has been so hot here in Australia reading a book with snow kept me cool as the warmth spread through the hero and heroine in this wonderful story.

Lauren Wilson is a nurse in the town that she grew up in Last Stop in Oklahoma, she is a single mum after losing her husband in an accident, and the town needs a new Doctor, they seem to come and go here, so when Dr Paxton Samuels arrives from Boston Lauren starts to feel emotions that she has not felt before.

Paxton has left Boston quickly to get away from scandal, he needs a break from the family practice and takes up a four week post in the little country town of Last Stop, and on his way there he comes across and accident, here he meets the nurse that will be working with him, and she makes him feel again, she makes him realize that there is fun in life.

This is a fabulous story one that had me turning the pages loved the setting and I loved Paxton and Lauren, they both had some things that they had to come to terms with and together they did beautifully, thank you MS Carlisle for another awesome story, one that I highly recommend.
5/5 stars

Published October 16th 2018 by Harlequin Medical Romance