When You Least Expect It by Helen Lacey

Reviewed by Nas Dean

WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT by author Helen Lacey is a September 2019 release by Harlequin Special Edition series.

When Tess Fuller gets pregnant after one passionate night with her ex-husband, she came back to see him to try to work things out.

And Mitch Culhane hadn’t stopped loving her, so could he have it all once again? He had loved and lost his wife once before but now he was getting a second chance. Dare he open his heart once again?

But what about Tess? Would she settle for the heart-ache once more? Could she be sure Mitch had changed? And would they reach their happy ever after and gave a family?

WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT is an emotional romance. Author Helen Lacey brought these two characters live on the pages in this reunion story. You would keep wondering if Mitch and Tess would ever be able to move away from their hurt and grievances from their past. I loved the setting of this story and the premise is an emotional tearjerker.

Highly recommended for all readers of heart-warming and emotional romance.


Reviewed by Helen

This is the start of a new series and I love a good reunion story and this one had me turning the pages as we get to know rancher Mitch Culhane and his ex-wife Tess Fuller and get the reasons behind their break-up, it is moving and emotional and a fabulous read.

Tess Fuller met and fell in love with Mitch practically at first sight the lived very happily on his ranch in Cedar River, until Tess miscarried several times this put a big wedge between them and a lot of hurt words were said before she moved away. When they meet up out of town years later a night of passion results in a baby and now six months pregnant Tess arrives back at the Tripe C Ranch hoping that her and Mitch can find a way to be friends and bring their baby up.

Mitch has always been in charge, having to raise his siblings after losing their mother and their father walking out at such a young age but falling in love with Tess was the best until the miscarriages started and now she has turned up pregnant they were finally going to have a baby but Mitch jumps in to take control and things don’t go to plan.

This really is an uphill battle at times between Tess and Mitch both have hurt each other so much over the years and even now the things they are saying are hurting more, but when Mitch is hurt Tess finally realizes that she has never stopped loving Mitch although it takes Mitch a bit longer to realize the same, but when he does the happiness explodes. This is such a great start to a series and I am looking forward to the other family members getting their HEA and being back in Cedar River, I did love this one and highly 

5 stars