Cinderella's Secret Baby

 Cinderella's Secret Baby

Dani Collins

Reviewed by Helen

I do love a great Cinderella troupe and this one ticks all of the boxes for just that, a one night stand with wealthy business man Hunter Waverly leads to consequences and Amelia Lindor makes the decision to be a single mum, but her father has other ideas that end in scandal. Come along for this sizzling journey, do they find love and happiness?

Amelia has never had a one night stand before, she hasn’t found the right man yet, her emotions are all over the place when she meets Hunter and she knows he is the right man, and he is honest and says one night only and it is a night of passion, but when she finds herself pregnant and getting in contact with Hunter is impossible, Amelia becomes a single mum, that is until her father takes it upon himself to cause one of the biggest scandals.

Hunter is wealthy and runs a big company but he and his family have lived a life of scandals thanks to his stepmother and he is doing his best to put it behind him and marry, everything is ready to go when drama happens and now Hunter is doing his best to mute a new scandal and protect the woman who is mother to his daughter.

I loved this story so much, honestly it is filled with beautiful emotions and sizzles with passion as Amelia and Hunter make their way through a mind field of decisions for the future, trying to use their minds and not their hearts, but their hearts will win over and in such a beautiful story, this is one that I would highly recommend, it did leave me smiling.

My thanks to the author for my copy to read and review.

5 stars
    September 27, 2022 by Harlequin Presents