Tangled by Tinsel

 Tangled by Tinsel

 Bindarra Creek Romance

Phillipa Nefri Clark

Reviewed by Helen

I do love visiting Bindarra Creek and we are there for Christmas this time to meet Miranda Layton and Blair Maxwell, they have been best friends since school but Blair has moved to Sydney to take on a job as sports physio for a sports club and Miranda has made her dream come true of opening a pet grooming salon which is getting very busy, Christmas brings Blair back to Bindarra Creek will they risk their friendship for love?

Miranda is extremely busy, she has her grandfather who seems to be wandering here and there her dog walking business and of course her adorable dog Tangles, she is way too busy for finding time for herself, she is pushing herself very hard.

Blair loves his job but also loves Bindarra Creek and a visit home at Christmas to visit his family is what he needs and there is also catching up with friends one in particular Miranda and when he arrives at her impressive store he sees how busy she is and when she falls from a ladder putting tinsel up Blair is in the right place to help, that is if she will let him she can be very independent and stubborn.

When Miranda finally lets Blair help they spend a lot more time together and this of course gets their hearts beating, can they find love and happiness will their lives let them, come along for the journey to see how these two beautiful caring and loving people find themselves over the moon?
I did love this one, Phillip Nefri Clark always takes me on fabulous journeys with beautiful and wonderful characters and settings and this is one that I highly recommend, just the book to pick up for Christmas.

My thanks to the author for my digital copy to read and review.

5 stars
Published December 18, 2022