Claiming His Billion-Dollar Bride

 Claiming His billion-Dollar Bride

One Year to Wed or Wed in the Outback #4

Michelle Douglas

Reviewed by Helen

Book four and what a brilliant finish to this series OMG I loved it from start to finish, eldest Waverly sister Rose has just three months to find a husband or they lose Garrison Downs all because of an archaic law, if the four sisters are not married within a year of the reading of will the wealthy cattle station will revert to the Garrison family and there is no way Rose is going to let that happen, she must now act on her plan.

Her choice of husband is none other than her neighbour and one of the family who is the other half of this one hundred year old feud that set the archaic law in place all because of a poker game, enemy Lincoln Garrison.

She can offer Lincoln a priceless piece of land that will help his family cattle station, the one person that seven years ago she shared with, a kiss that had her heart racing but becoming a couple back then would have only hurt families, but now the time is right, she needs a husband to keep Garrison Downs with the Waverly family not only for her but her sisters.

Lincoln is stunned to say the least when Rose arrives and asks him to marry her, he has never forgotten that kiss and her, she has always been in his thoughts, and could this be the start of a new life for them? Rose is honest and open about why she needs to do this and assures him that after three months they will be able to go their separate ways and he will hold that plot of land that will his families cattle station. Lincoln says yes with plans of his own to seduce his lovely new bride, but will he be able to?

This is a gorgeous story, I loved Lincoln so much he is the best hero, strong, handsome, caring, witty and goes all out to woo Rose and Rose what can I say she is known as Boss and there is a reason for that but she is beautiful both inside and outside, they are perfect for each other, this is a sigh worthy romance, one not to be missed, sensual, moving, witty and filled with emotion, there were lots of smiles from this reader.

I do highly recommend this story and the series to any romance reader, you will not be disappointed.

My thanks to the author for my digital copy to read and review.

5 stars
May 21, 2024 by Harlequin Romance