Courting His Favorite Nurse by Lynne Marshall

Reviewed by Maria

He'd never forgotten her.  Jack Lightfoot had been in love with Anne Grady ever since they'd shared a first, magical kiss when they were still at school.  He'd been Anne's admirer for so long that he'd even dated her best friend Brianna as a way of getting closer to her.  Brianna.......

Yes, the timing sucked, as he would have said himself.  How could he extricate himself from his commitment to Brianna while keeping Anne's friendship with her intact?  A difficult situation, one which called for the utmost tact and discretion.  Brianna was diagnosed with leukaemia.  Being a good guy, Jack stuck by her until the end of her life, which wasn't long.  Anne, her best friend also remained loyal.  Brianna died. Could Jack and Anne now go ahead with their relationship? Jack's conscience was clear, he hadn't let down the girl who trusted him.  But for Anne, it was different.  Over a decade had passed, but she was still haunted by her friend's tearful voice, saying, in a moment of doubt, that she thought Jack had fallen for another.....

So now Anne's back in Whispering Oaks to nurse her parents in their post accident convalescence.  Jack is determined not to let Anne get away this time.  But Anne is a stubborn girl.  Will he succeed?

I found this to be an immensely readable love story.  Unlike others that I've read, the hero is a regular, down to earth man, not a prince or a playboy.  A high school teacher, actually, who doubles up as a part-time fireman.  I loved the fact that it was a family story.  Anne's parents were so sweet and they just jumped off the pages, they seemed so real from Lynne Marshall's vividly descriptive writing.  I love the way they encouraged Anne's relationship with Jack.  A shiver went up my spine at the thought of how susceptible rural California is to summer fires.  This is a book to read and enjoy, a book about people, life, love and relationships.  I enjoyed reading every word.

Review by Nas:

COURTING HIS FAVORITE NURSE by author Lynne Marshall is March 2012 release from Harlequin Special Editions.

Anne Grady came back to Whispering Oaks to care for her parents after an accident and the first person she runs into? Jack Lightfoot! The reason she went away with her broken heart in the first place. Will she forget the painful history between them and give their friendship a chance to grow into something more?

Jack had always loved Anne but circumstance and time had conspired against him. Coming face to face with her, he discovered the sparks still flew between them. After the sensual turn their relationship took, can he let Anne walk away from him again?

COURTING HIS FAVORITE NURSE is as much a story about recovery from past grief and self-discovery as it is about the unquenchable desire between Jack and Anne. The poignant and realistic way in which they deal with their past is truly magical to read. This is a fast paced and sensual romantic tale with characters that catch your attention and your heart. Lynne Marshall’s mastery of subtleties of relationships is amazing to read.
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