Made For Marriage by Helen Lacey

Reviewed by Maria

Horse riding is often seen as a pastime for spoilt, rich girls, but to live and work among horses, the right character is required.  One has to have the correct blend of patience and firmness, to deal not only with the horses but with the people who come for horse riding lessons too.  Not to mention their parents.  Callie (Calliope) came out to Crystal Point in Australia from California to start a riding school and a new life, after her old life disintegrated.  The death of her partner and her child had left her devastated and in need of a fresh start.  She'd worked hard to build up her riding school, but some of her students were highly uncooperative.  Lily Preston for example.  When Lily disobeyed Callie's instructions and fell from the horse, Lily's doting father, Noah Preston actually blamed Callie!  Fiery Callie took no nonsense from Mr. Preston and told him to take her daughter elsewhere.  Noah couldn't get the woman out of his mind after that and when he realised his mistake, he made a point of apologizing and undoing the damage he'd done to Callie's business by putting the word around that she was an excellent riding teacher.

When Callie feels a strong attraction to Noah, a single father of four children, she tries hard to resist.  Emotionally battered by her great losses, she's not interested in taking on Noah and his brood of delightful children.  Actually, Lily is really charming behind her stubborn facade and the younger ones are cute and sweet.  Callie still can't let go of her sad memories and move on.  It takes some work, some understanding,  some patience and lots of love for these two special people to come together and form a complete family.  

This is a joyful read for anyone who loves emotional love stories and happy endings.  I found the one and only love scene a little too explicit to share with my teenage daughter, but apart from that, the book was excellent.  Besides, my daughter will grow up soon enough!

Reviewed by Desere

In author Helen Lacy 's debut novel we see the beautifully written story of Callie and Noah a story of life's up and downs combined with love and trials and tribulations blossom into a stunning tale of two people coming together.

As a equestrian Callie Jones (a) depends on her job for her financial stability and (b) it keeps her from dwelling on her last bad relationship. She has sworn off men and now is only focused on doing what she loves. She is also used to having to deal with difficult students and their someone stuck-up parents. 

So when she gains the rebel thirteen old Lily she is ready for the task but she does not count on Lily's dad calling her out and questioning her teaching abilities ,how dare he!

And so begins the intensely and stunningly written romance of a single father trying to cope and a heroine who wants to be strong and fight her feelings but in the end fails. 

I loved the spark between Noah and Callie and the added mix of a teenager serious about taking her own highway in life ,not to mention the other three kids each with their very own emotions to deal with,made for a intense and fun new read.

The author captivates the reader and the book was filled with lots of emotion,that had me crying and feeling the characters pain,and even had me laughing at some scenes.

The book is well written and offers plenty of everything you need from a romance. I expect to see many more wonderful reads from this author.

5/5 review !

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Review by Nas

MADE FOR MARRIAGE by debut author Helen Lacey is a Harlequin Special Editions January 2012 release.

Equestrian Callie Jones was struggling financially with her beloved business venture. She loved her riding school and was used to difficult parents but could not really afford to lose more customers. Just recently she lost two spoilt girls when she caught them smoking. She had certain rules which everyone had to abide by.

Rebellious thirteen year old Lily Preston came, who flaunted her rule and landed on the ground. Yet her dad, single father, gorgeous Noah overreacted. He questioned Callie’s ability to teach. Even angry he is aware of certain dormant stirrings in his blood by Callie’s nearness.

Noah wants to delve into the sadness he could glimpse in Callie’s eyes. But will Callie allow him to? She has after all sworn off from relationships after her disastrous past. But she couldn’t keep away from Noah as well!

MADE FOR MARRIAGE is a single dad’s story and how he finds his happily ever after. It also is the story of a heroine who learns to trust and love again after a disastrous past. Noah is an amazing man. He cherished children that weren’t his own, yet Callie’s ex hadn’t wanted his own child, so how could she have loved him? She knew she loved Noah and his children with everything in her now. It’s a warm read with excellent dialogue and superb characters.

Helen Lacey is a new author who understands that the best stories not only gives us great reading pleasure through deep characters and beautiful prose but challenges us and leaves us emotionally richer and stronger long after we reach the ending!


Reviewed by Nancy Crocker
Made for Marriage by Helen Lacey

After a double tragedy in Callie Jones life she decides to grab a few possessions and her prize horse Indiana and move from California to Crystal Point Australia. She opens her own Equestrian center offering riding lessons. She is feisty, beautiful, loyal to friends, headstrong and has no problem standing up for herself. 

Noah Preston a single father has been raising his four children after his wife walked out on them. With piercing green eyes and dark hair, he is every woman’s dream. He is handsome, caring, loving, and protective and knows when to admit he was wrong. 

Noah shows up at Sandhills Farm and finds his headstrong impulsive daughter Lily has been thrown from a horse. When he questions Callie’s teaching abilities it starts a war of words between these two. Noah is stunned at Callie’s beauty and the attraction he feels for her. The growing love between these two was believable.

I just felt my heart melting for Callie's character. I thought the author did a fantastic job of showing her struggles with all she had lost. It made for a very emotional read at times. The author also did a great job of showing how Callie’s character handles being around other children. 

Besides the children, Lily 13, Jamie 8, and twins Hayley and Matthew age 4. We are introduced to Noah’s siblings Evie, Grace and Mary-Jayne. Along with friends: Cameron, Fiona and Callie’s Brother Scott. 

I really enjoyed Made for Marriage and look forward to reading the other books in the series. 

5/5 stars

I received an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review.
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