Beneath The Shadows by Sara Foster

Review by Nas
BENEATH THE SHADOWS is author Sara Foster’s debut novel releasing in June 2012.
Grace and Adam together with their baby daughter Millie move to a cottage in a remote village near Yorkshire moors to try and save money when they inherit the cottage from Adam’s grandparents.
Then Adam goes missing. Grace finds the baby stroller with her baby on her front porch. Was Adam that unhappy in his marriage that he ran away leaving his family behind as the police suggested?
Distraught Grace goes back to her parents after the police don’t turn up any leads on Adam’s disappearance.
But she is not satisfied with the inquiries and return one year later to try to find out what happened to her husband. Did he really just leave her and go away? But there is subtle hostility from all around. Who wants her gone from here? Then she starts to piece together the trail left by Adam. And comes to a horrific conclusion.
BENEATH THE SHADOWS is a thrilling mystery to keep you on the edge of your seat till you reach the end.
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