The Last Woman He'd Ever Date by Liz Fielding

Review by Nas
THE LAST WOMAN HE’D EVER DATE by author Liz Fielding is released in May 2012 by M&B Riva and June 2012 in Harlequin Romance lines.
Hal North was run off his home by the Baron of the state and his manager. He was banned from coming back home when he drove his motorcycle through the great hall of the Cranbrook Hall. But why did he ride through the hall to stand under one of the ancestor’s photograph?
Ten years later he is back and intent on revenge! Yet Sir Robert Cranbrook is sick and in debt. He now stays in a nursing home. So Hal buys the Cranbrook Estate and intends to evict the manager’s family who had evicted him. The manager had died and now his daughter lives in the old house which was Hal’s own home. She is a solo mum and works as a reporter for the local paper.
Claire Thackeray bumps into Hall, her teenage crush, quite literally and falls all over him again. What will Hall do? Revenge or lust?
Both, Caire and Hall are surprised by the sexual chemistry between them and can’t stay away from each other despite their misgivings.
THE LAST WOMAN HE’D EVER DATE is a humorous story shimmering with breathtaking romance, spectacular emotional punch, a believable conflict and vivid atmospheric details. Liz Fielding brings to life these sterling characters that leap off the pages and create a sparkling romance!
My rating 4.5 out of 5 stars.