Eloping with Emmy by Liz Fielding

Review by Nas
ELOPING WITH EMMY is from author Liz Fielding.Tom Brody, an upcoming young lawyer justmade partner in a prestigious and traditional law firm, is called by an important client in the absence of his more senior partner. The client wanted Tom to find out the man whom his daughter wanted to marry and offer him money to go away. This was not Tom's normal duty and he was irritated to find that he couldn't refuse the client.
Emerald Carlisle was locked up in a second storey nursery by her dad to stop her from marrying. She escaped by going down the drainpipe and hid in Tom's car. What will happen when Tom will discover her? Will he take her back to her father to be locked up again?Before Tom could do much, Emmy steals his car and runs away. But Tom is determined to catch up to her.
Tom took her with him to go and talk to her fiancé. The journey to South of France is full of adventure and fun! While on the way to meet her fiancé to get married, Emmy falls in love with Tom. And despite his misgivings about Emmy being a tiresome heiress, Tom is attracted to her. Later he discovers that Emmy is not really engaged. He also finds out that Emmy is a bright, sexy woman with a mind of her own. Her father had seriously misunderstood her.
ELOPING WITH EMMY is full of witty dialogue and funny anecdotes. It was a fun, light read and a good escape. I loved the characters and the growth and progression of romance between them was exquisitely rendered. But then this is expected from the master story-teller Liz Fielding.