First Time Lucky by Natalie Anderson

Review by Nas

FIRST TIME LUCKY by USA Bestselling author Natalie Anderson is by Harlequin Presents.

Roxie sacrificed her teenage years to look after her elderly grandparents. Now that both have passed on, she was free and intended to stay that way! Her mother didn’t want to be tied down so she had left Roxie just after giving birth and had left to be free. Her grandparents kept her and now that she had done her duty by them, she herself was free.. Now that she was in her twenties, she intended to travel and enjoy her life.

But meeting her new tenant Dr. Gabe Hollingworth, she feels frissons of sexual tension and for the first time feels compelled by a man and his masculine attraction. And she intended to act on it. She gets to work on Gabe, not knowing that the attraction is reciprocated by him. He is not that immune which he pretends to be. But when he finds that she is a virgin, he keeps away from her. What will happen now? Will Roxie manage to get Gabe? And what of her travel plans?

FIRST TIME LUCKY is a hot, steamy and sensual romance. Natalie Anderson can be relied upon to deliver an emotionally charged, compelling and captivating romance that will keep a reader engrossed from the first page. Roxie is an innocent yet a strong and sensual heroine and Gabe is a gorgeous hero who turns out to be a sensitive and honorable guy you’ll fall in love with!