The Forbidden Ferrara by Sarah Morgan

Review by Desere

The Forbidden Ferrara by the wonderfully talented Sarah Morgan is the second book about two very delicious and incredible bothers.

Santo has always gotten whatever he wanted and this time around he will not only have his son but he will at any and all costs have the one and only woman responsible for turning his blood to boiling point and not only in anger but in pure unbridled passion.

Fia's character is that of a strong,independent,hard working and loving single mother who having the "love of her life" turn up at her door and discovering her secret tips her world of the axes.

For the sake of her son she goes along with Santo's plans and marries him,but the real question is will Santo ever be able to see what he has in her or will he loose her and forever be a lonely man.

I adore each and every book that I have ever read by this fabulous author.I was not disappointed ,the level of passion and intrigue was absolutely stunning. The author as always for me know how to peak my interest and hold it till the very end. She weaves a story so real that it and the characters never seem fictional to me. I can imagine the emotion and hurt ,feel the passion between the characters so strongly that even if I did not know who the author of the book was I would be without a doubt be able to tell you that it is the very talented Sarah Morgan. She has a very unique style of writing and as always I cannot wait for the next fabulous story !

5/5 star review

Review by Nas

THE FORBIDDEN FERRARA by USA Bestselling author Sarah Morgan is a June 2012 release from Harlequin Presents.

  Santo Ferrara was just after the land next to one of his hotel to further expand his business. But the owner of the land was Baracchi, and the feud between the two families was legendary. Yet Santo wanted to try and buy the land now as his customers from the Beach Club Hotel were going to the neighboring Beach Shack restaurant.

 This successful restaurant was under the management of Fiammetta Baracchi on her family’s land. The question was, would Fia and her granddad sell the land to a Ferrara?

  When he approached Fia’s restaurant and confronts her, he finds she is hiding a secret so volatile that he forgets all about the land or the hotel! She has his heir, an unexpected consequence of an explosive night three years ago. Will Fia let Santo claim the child as his own now? And can Santo forgive her for keeping his son’s existence a secret from him? As she told him there was no relationship or friendship, so how could she tell him? If there were neither friendship nor a relationship so how and when did they have that night?

THE FORBIDDEN FERRARA has layer upon layer of complexities. The characters are so strong and exceptional that you’ll be left amazed. Fia is deeply wounded from childhood that she never cries and keeps her emotions well hidden behind barriers. She is in a constant whirlwind of emotion that courses through as she tries and walks ahead into an uncertain future as Santo’s wife. Because as Santo told her, once a Ferrara wife always a Ferrara wife. Santo is a gorgeous, sensitive and oh, so honorable hero who challenges her emotions and priorities.

 He turns out to be a principled family man. He breaks all of Fia’s barriers and gets inside her boundaries. You’ll love him for it!

Sarah Morgan usually writes fast paced romances packed with sizzle and sexual tension and this was no exception- the sexual scenes were hot and steamy but THE FORBIDDEN FERRARA has many deeper layers as well. Emotions are palpable and heart-wrenching. You’ll want to read it again and again!

5 out of 5 Stars!