Taming The Bad Boy by Cherie Le Clare

Reviewed by Maria

Katie Ryan, little Emily's foster mum, is at her wits end.  Just what the heck was Emily's late mother up to before her untimely death?  Who is that vicious punk who comes around claiming that the deceased owes him money?  Why is it that little Emily's real father is such a handsome, eligible man when Emily's mother had described him as a 'bastard'?  Why was she living frugally when Emily's father was providing for her as well as he claims to have been?And most of all, who is the mysterious person shadowing Emily, watching her every move and reporting to the social worker all the while about Katie's so-called failures to take good care of the child?

An immensely engaging story which explores interesting angles on relationships and family life.  Why should fathers be shut out of their children's lives when relationships go wrong?  Who is the best person to raise a child, the one who loves the child most or the one who is physically responsible for bringing the child into the world?  Is blood really thicker than water?

After producing two exquisite historical novels and a bewitching contemporary romance, Cherie Le Clare now comes up with a sweet romance with a child at the centre written in a  a romantic suspense style.  A great read which will leave you thinking long after you've finished reading the book.  Highly recommended.

Available on Amazon.  You can get a copy of this ebook here or if you are in the UK, here.