Holiday Affair by Annie Seaton

Holiday Affair 
Reviewed by Maria

Ever  wished you could just get away from it all, let your hair down and lose yourself in a wild fling with a gorgeous man and never have to worry about annoying things like repercussions?  So did Lissy.  Sorry, I meant Dr. Melissa McIntyre.  When this sedate assistant university professor threw caution to the wind and indulged in a holiday fling, she got more than she'd bargained for.  Never see the bloke again?  Think again!  What if he's waiting in your office on Monday morning, your senior colleague with whom you'll be working on a special assignment for the next couple of months and yes, your promotion is on the line?  Even better, what if he's your new next door neighbour too?  Not to mention very closely related to the nice, stable man whose marriage proposal you're seriously considering?  It really doesn't get any worse than this now, does it?  As the Americans say, go figure!  Go girl, let's see you get out of this one!
Apart from the very intriguing premise, I was completely captivated by the vividly descriptive writing of Annie Seaton. I've never been to the South Seas, but I feel as if I've been there and back after reading this.  I could taste the salt in the sea air and feel the sunshine on my skin.  It's an exhilarating read, to say the least.  An unshamedly romantic piece of women's fiction which deserves to be the holiday read of the year. I particularly enjoyed reading about the girls' night out.  It reminded me of my single days.  Just the kind of book you'd love to discuss with your friends.
Verdict?  Loved it!
You can grab your copy here.  Or if you are in the UK, here!