Waking Up In The Wrong Bed by Natalie Anderson

Reviewed by Nas

WAKING UP IN THE WRONG BED by author Natalie Anderson is a Mills & Boon Riva June 2012 and Harlequin Presents release.

The night Ellie Summers decide to take up on her colleague’s numerous offers to spend the night with him, she accidently ends up in a gorgeous stranger’s bed. After a full nights hot loving, she wakes up in her partner’s arms, and realizes she doesn’t really recognize his voice. On checking, she finds that she spent the night in the wrong bed!

Ruben Theroux had enjoyed his unexpected nocturnal visitor and he wasn’t about to let her go. As he said, he was single and so was she. Where was the harm in continuing the alliance? But Ellie insisted on being friends only as she didn’t want to complicate their excellent comradeship all the while ignoring the underlying chemistry between them. Can the sizzling magnetism between them be overlooked and ignored?

WAKING UP IN THE WRONG BED is a fast paced romantic tale which takes a reader deep into both the characters’ psyche to discover why they are against love and commitment. It is a hilarious journey as the dialogue is humorous and enjoyable. Ellie is strong in her convictions but yields to Rueben as she is so attracted to him.

Rueben never misses a chance to try and seduce her all the while pretending to be friends only. So there is a steamy long distance phone scene which is quite emotional at the end as they are so far from each other.

  Natalie Anderson has written a fun, engrossing and fast paced story. The emotional and sensory details are exquisitely done. WAKING UP IN THE WRONG BED has strong characters, snappy dialogue, and tender, sweet and exciting moments which will keep a reader riveted from the first page.

4.5 out of 5 stars.