The Scandalous Princess by Kate Hewitt

Reviewed by Nas

THE SCANDALOUS PRINCESS by author Kate Hewitt is from the miniseries of THE SANTINA CROWN.

Princess Natalia Santina is always on the tabloids with her notorious exploits. She hadn’t done a days’ work in her life.

Meeting business tycoon Ben Johnson, when sparks flew and she is very rude and sarcastic toward him, he challenges her to work as a volunteer for his charity. She resisted but he overcame her resistance and she had to work for a month. But where Natalia goes, media follows and Ben shuns media with a passion. Could this work between them?

Then Ben discovers the real person behind the Princess fa├žade. And he starts to fall for that woman. But can he separate the princess from the woman?

Dare she tell Ben the secrets which she’s kept hidden for so long? Natalia can’t decide if Ben is ready to fight for her or not. Will she go with her parents’ decision to marry for political alliance? Or will Ben come through for her?

THE SCANDALOUS PRINCESS has intrigue, mystery and romance. Author wrote a gorgeous and sensitive hero in Ben who challenges Natalia’s emotions and priorities as well as uncovers her well kept secret. Natalia is a strong heroine who triumphs against all the odds. Author Kate Hewitt’s characters are amazing in their complexities, their interaction and their growing love for each other.

My rating 4.5 out of 5 stars.
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