Not the Marrying Kind by Nicola Marsh

Reviewed by Desere

Nicola Marsh always manages to dazzle me with her fantastic novels and this time around it was the same only far better ! Yes the brilliant author really blew me away this time.

Not the Marrying Kind was fantastic. The characters of Beck and Poppie were fun,fresh and entertaining. I loved how Poppie was not the kind of girl to back down but instead gave comebacks just as good as she got.

It was wonderful to see how the author brought the characters together with explosive passion and true emotion.

The scenes where very well written and the descriptions so good that it but me right in the middle of the book.

If you have not yet read anything by Nicola Marsh I urge you to immediately rectify the matter as you have no idea what your are missing !

Well done Nicola !

My Rating : 5/5 stars

Reviewed by Nas

NOT THE MARRYING KIND is an Entangled Publishing release by author Nicola Marsh.

Beck Blackwood is an alpha hero who is a self made man. But he needs a wife…now! Preferably in name only. Then he collides with Poppy Collins when he decide to throw his friend a divorce party.

Poppy is not interested in marriage anyway as she organizes divorce parties to help people move on after their divorce.

Instant sexual fire ignites when these two characters meet. Poppy is fast with witty comebacks.

NOT THE MARRYING KIND is a fast paced, fun, witty, humorous romance with out of this world sexuality and sensuality. But there are deeper layers to the story and as with author Nicola Marsh’s other books, this story was written with warmth, tenderness and readers would love Beck and Poppy. I loved Beck and Poppy and rooted for them to get to their HEA!

My rating 4.5 out of 5 stars!
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Reviewed by Maria

Imagine finding yourself in love with your own husband?  Is that so strange?  It was for Poppy Blackwood nee Collins.

Why did Beck Blackwood ask Poppy Collins to be his bride when they'd only just met?  Why didn't he even have an engagement ring ready?  And why didn't she mind?

Well, business arrangements are not about romance, love and happy endings. They are about mutually beneficial arrangements.  His not being a family man was holding up the signing of the biggest contract of his career.  She needed a lot of money to keep her sister's business afloat as that beloved sister recovered from a nervous breakdown.  Poppy was smart, beautiful and presentable.  Everything Beck needed in a wife.  The fact that he was hot had nothing to do with Poppy's agreeing to marry him.  It was the fact that he was rich and was ready to give her the money she needed in exchange for a trip to the altar.  When Poppy had misgivings, Beck forced her hand with a little well applied blackmail?  Result?  A marriage arranged like a business agreement.  Right?  Wrong!  Why?  Haven't you heard the saying 'never mix business with pleasure'?

Everything about this book is hot.  The love scenes.  The characters.  The story.  Make sure you have a cold drink handy at all times when you read this book.  And at least three to four clutter free hours.  The reason why it took me over a week to get this read was because I knew once I started reading it I wouldn't be able to put it down.  And the laundry would pile up, the dinner would get late and the kids wouldn't get any help with their homework.  So I just waited until I got a couple of free hours to treat myself to this truly scrumptious read.

It was so worth the wait.

5 out of 5 stars.