One Night with the Enemy by Abby Green

Reviewed by Desere :

One Night With The Enemy - UKAbby Green is one of those authors that can captivate a reader from the very first sentence. She has a knack for transporting you to a world of glitz,glamour and passionate love affairs,taking you a reading ride one will never forget.

In One Night with the Enemy she as certainly done it once again. The story tells about Maddie and Nic,two souls bound by the world of wine making,family fueds and old love.

Maddie and Nic had one of those magical stolen affairs we often hear about but then she discovers a secret about Nic and takes off ! Then eight years later she returns and Nic decides to set his plan for "revenge" into motion.

Set in stunning Argentina the author takes these two characters and combines the world of wine making and their families legacies into one of the best books of the year!

I loved the fire and passion between Nic and Maddie to the point of distraction and for me I did not want the book to end. The gorgeous descriptive writing by the author has the unique effect of not only allowing one to picture every person and location perfectly in one's mind eye but to have you actually wishing you were there so that you could grab hold of the characters and give them a good slap for the mistakes they make,but also have you crying tears of joy when it works out.

Nic was a strong,powerful forceful character to recon with and Maddie was the stunning beauty from his past that had to be dealt with at all cost. I held fast to every single word and could not wait to see how the author would bring the "semi sweet" Maddie and "robust" Nic together in true Abby Green fashion.

Well done Abby !

5/5 star review