The Navy Seal's Bride by Soraya Lane

Reviewed by Nas
Mills & Boon : The Navy Seal's Bride
The Navy SEAL's Bride (Harlequin Romance)

THE NAVY SEAL'S BRIDE by author Soraya Lane is Harlequin Romance release for August 2012.

Caitlin Rose has a whole suitcase of baggage. She couldn't trust a man now, especially the strong military type. Then she meets ex- Navy Seal Tom Cartwright. Seeing him with his niece, she sees how gentle he is. Yet can she trust him and let him in her heart?

Tom Cartwright is struggling to return to civilian life and his little niece is the only person grounding him for now. Meeting her teacher, Caitlin, he feels the fierce urge to protect her as he discerns the hurt she is hiding. But will she allow him to protect her?

THE NAVY SEAL'S BRIDE`s premise is exciting and the story keeps you involved from first page. Just hold Tom's hand and walk with him, whatever happens he won't break your heart. He is a gorgeous Military hero. Caitlin is scared, but courageous heroine. It is as much a story about recovering from grief and self-discovery as it is about the unquenchable desire between Tom and Caitlin. Author Soraya Lane really packs an emotional punch with her Heroes Come Home Series.

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