Her Man In Manhattan by Trish Wylie

Reviewed by Desere:

A sexy bodyguard to follow you around and keep you out of trouble, fight with you when you feel like venting your anger even though you don't know it, and drive you crazy with his kisses what more could a woman ask for!

This was a sexy, upbeat, crazy, fun filled, passionate romance from one of today's best selling authors. The story is about Miranda who is daughter to the major, so already you can tell she needs to be kept from trouble, but the funny thing is trouble kind of follows her around.

Stepping up to the plate to do the big bad annoying job and just because he has no choice is sexy as sin -makes your knees go weak- knocks your socks off - turns your knees to jelly (yes he is that yummy ladies) Tyler.

The characters were likeable and fun. I loved the crazy saying and things they get up to. It was like watching a fun, chick flick only the romance was deeper and more meaningful.  The fact that both are not remotely interested in being around each other but also finds it rather hard to keep their hands of each other gave the book the heat it needed and I will say this, the passion was so hot it melted the pages in my very happy reading hands!

The dialogue was fun, crazy and wild! I laughed so hard actual tears were streaming down my face and I had to recollect myself before I could continue the read,  it was some of the most witty I have read in some time and I was delighted and entertained on each and every page.

The author took a real life situation and made it better by fully using the fiction vs real life to her full
advantage, leaving me with a story of romance, compassion, understanding and a deeper meaning of being protected once you reveal your most deepest and darkest feelings to a person.

Truly stunning work Trish, I believe this one will go all the way to the very top!
5/5 star review

"He puts the "man" in Manhattan, the question is can she handle it"