Winter Storms by Lucy Oliver

Winter Storms

Reviewed by Desere

Before I started reading this one I already started crying! This book was so sad in some parts and in others very emotional but in the end it was all a little too much for me as reader.

The book is about Carly and the journey of recovery she embarks upon after her lover Daniel caused a terrible sailing accident that cost her the use of her right leg and also her change at Olympic dreams. Naturally she leaves him and tries to go on. However, two years later he's back and willing to do anything to make amends. Sounds heartbreaking right, it was .

For me as reader the characters were well written and outlined well, however the battle of forgiveness was almost dragged out a little too long. It was as if I needed the author to bring it to a close so the couple can move on just a little bit faster, and therefore the book seemed rather long.

The incorporation of the emotional upset that Carly has to deal with was a rather interesting touch as very little books focus on real life happenings, so there I will give the author a thumbs up.

The knowledge of sailing that I could pick up was very interesting to read about as I for one no nothing about it and seeing it pop up in a romance was unique and definitely another plus point.

The dialogue was very emotional to the point it brought me to tears, but it also had underlining messages of understanding, forgiveness and happiness hidden in it's depths, which left me with some rather interesting outlooks on life.

If your a fan of the sappy tear-jerker kind of romance this read is for you, if however you prefer a lighter kind of romantic read I will advise you select a different kind of book.

A sensual tear-jerker read guaranteed to leave you with memorable impressions.

4/5 star review
"Forgiveness lies within your reach"