Marriage with benefits by Kat Cantrell

Marriage With Benefits

Reviewed by Desere

This is a new author to me but already after reading her book she is and forever will be on my auto-buy list.

The book centred around Cia and Lucas. Cia has it all worked out, she will marry Lucas and get him to divorce her after 6 months and in turn he will get the business deal of a lifetime and she will get her inheritance she so desperately needs to build her shelter for abused woman.

Now as easy as that sounds it gets rather difficult when she gets to know the man behind the pretty boy face. Lucas is kind, considerate, compassionate and thoughtful, everything she does not want or need. But yes she at one point decides to let it all go and have a purely sexual relationship with her soon to be ex husband. After all it is just sex, and yes you can guess that she does loose her heart to him but the real kicker in this book was how Lucas brings her around and slowly brakes down her defences and get to the real Cia.

What I really loved about this read was how the author used Lucas's strong, dominate and raw sexual personality to bring Cia to her knees, but also in the process he helps her to discover herself. Usually books focus on letting the woman being the one to show the man what he can be in life, however the author turned the tables and brought forth a simply stunning story of romance, letting go and lots of added benefits.

The character of Cia was a strong and passionate woman, not afraid to push in order to get what she wants, but she also had a very vulnerable side that gave her the perfect balance of a modern day woman. The character of Lucas was simply put, the man every woman wants her husband to be. Strong enough to handle anything life throws his way, kind and caring when he needed to be, fun and crazy when Cia needs to be cheered up and also seriously passionate and sexy in and out of bed.

I loved how the author also added in the element of time and definite consideration that Lucas takes for everything he gives and does for Cia. The entire time it had me thinking that this man is such a sweetheart!

The dialogue was fun and light but the author also got really deep and emotional thus revealing her characters to me as reader  in a exceptionally well written manner.I truly felt connected to both main and secondary characters.

I adored how the author also used words like awesome giving the book that much more a modern setting.There was also a very and ladies I mean very sexy kitchen scene that believe me when I tell you this is the way you want your husband to come home to you!  As reader I also go a glimpse into the life of Lucas's brother Matthew, just enough to definitely peak my interest, and I very much look forward to his story, and based on this first book I know as reader I am in for another compelling and fascinating read.

The author also beautifully incorporated a once "dead " home being brought back to life.

The author did a brilliant job at combining fun, sex, love, romance and  a crazy but all to sweet hero into one heck of a read. I highly recommend this to all. And watch the charts for this one will go to the top!

5/5 star review

"Being married to a crazy and sexy hero is all the benefit you need"