His Brand of Passion by Kate Hewitt

Review by TashNz

His Brand of Passion is an emotional and heart wrenching book which explores the consequences of Aaron and Zoe letting everything go in a moment of lust.
His Brand of Passion - Kate Hewitt
I knew this would brighten up a cold winters day 
Their worlds come clashing together and then tips over on its axis, throwing everything they both know completely off kilter.  When I picked it up today I knew it'd brighten my otherwise wet day and I was left 100% satisfied.

Billionaire Aaron Bryant lives and breathes his work. He's the head of Bryant Enterprises and trying to deflect a take-over so when care-free coffee shop worker Zoe Parker spys him texting during the wedding of their respective siblings she deftly whips the phone out of his possession.  This leads them down a path of the most incredible one night stand resulting in a life-long consequence.

I was emotionally caught up in this book because of my own life experiences and I think that Kate has done a fantastic job with the trauma Zoe eventually faces.  No, I haven't been lucky enough to have catch my own billionaire but I have gone through a similar experience to Zoe and I felt my heart strings really pulling for her which I credit to Kate for exceptional writing.  My emotions and feelings made me quite teary. I'm glad counselling was suggested, I know these books aren't real but when dealing with a real issue people need to know they're not alone and counselling for loss can be very beneficial.

I loved how a few of the story lines in His Brand of Passion were unconventional for a Presents line.  It's not often the father of the baby tries to coerce the mother with lashings of money... to terminate.  I think it worked well, I liked how it was handled by Zoe and I liked that Aaron spent the rest of his time regretting his stupid and highly offending offer.  There are two other un-conventions, or rather one un-conventional twist with the business side of things and a rare story line in terms of the baby.  I don't want to elaborate for fear of spoilers but I loved this book all the more for them, it changed it up in terms of the norm and delivers something different for the fans of this genre.  I applaud any author who can do that.

I give a book 5 stars if I'm invested in the characters, if I couldn't bare to put it down, if I enjoyed the interaction of characters, and the path the author takes me on and if I close it at the end thinking that was one hell of a read.  All of these things happened so I give Kate Hewitt's His Brand of Passion a resounding solid 5 stars.

Book Three of The Bryants - three powerful New York Brothers


Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

In His Brand of Passion by Kate Hewitt, she has me hooked from the first page. Then I finished the first chapter and knew I wasn't going to put this one down until I finished it. And what an emotional roller coaster it was. I laughed, I cried, I want to scream and yes I wanted to hit the Hero for being an idiot at times.

Zoe Parker falls in love a little to easily. As proven by past relations. She realizes when she decides to go back to Aaron Bryant's penthouse that this is just a one night stand. He doesn't do serious and she has been hurt in the past. But three weeks later she has a big surprise. I truly felt for this character. It seems she always finds Mister Wrong, and this is proven when she tries to contact Aaron. I felt so bad for her I wanted to just give her a major hug. But Zoe is a fighter if nothing else. 

Aaron Bryant has many facets, some most readers will hate at first "trust me when I say you will know when this takes place" Please don't let this stop you from reading. He does wake up along the way. Yes he made me very angry, but that shows a great author in my opinion. He says some harsh things, makes outrageous suggestions that he regrets. But I believe the author does a good job of explaining why his character is this way.

While I took issue with Aaron's character at times ... yes I was rooting for these two. I felt they needed each other so desperately. I could tell they were exactly what the other needed. She was needed to bring him out of his workaholic , emotionless shell. And she needed someone, to be there for her. And while there were issues, what relationship doesn't have issues. You can't deny the attraction and chemistry that was between them.

Hats off to Kate Hewitt for writing a novel that talks about a couple of issues you don't see covered or handled that often. They were very emotional and heart stopping at times

5/5 stars

This was the third book by Kate Hewitt about the Bryant Brother the first two are.
Beneath the Veil of Paradise - Chase Bryant and Millie Lang " Zoe's sister"
In The Heat of the Spotlight - Luke Bryant and Aurelie Schmidt


Photo: Just finished His Brand of Passion by the. awesome Kate Hewitt. My oh my was that a incredible read! Well done Kate! Made my day xXxReviewed by Desere

Attending a wedding as guest or as part of the bridal party is either way very much a happy event. But for some it can be very sad if when in your case you have not found Mr Right and instead you find ourself still single and very much going nowhere towards a happy ever after.

This is the case for Zoe, she has been bitten by the love bug four times in the past and on all four occasions she thought she had found 'the one' but it turned out these were more like little reminders that she always pushes the other person too hard to reveal their feelings, to be open and honest, basically she gets what most men hate, clingy!

These upsets in the romance department have however made her stronger and she has a zest for life. She works hard and she is truly good at her job. She has a okay place to live and gets by from day to day just fine.

But when at her sisters wedding she becomes more than just a little irritated with the best man who has no focus on the wedding and instead is texting away like a love struck teenager, she finds herself pushing yet again. This time to get I'll-kiss-you-right-out-of-your-pretty-pink-dress Aaron to learn that it is simply not appropriate behaviour for best man to be glued to a phone during the happy couple saying their vows.

So she steals his phone and hides it in the front of her bridesmaid dress! But Aaron is not the kind of man to simply back down and let it be, even for a gorgeous woman and sets out to get his phone back. This leads to one passionate night and leads to a few weeks later, with Aaron receiving a text from Zoe simply saying " I am pregnant you ass". Not the words any man wants to hear after a one night stand and so not the words a hard-working barely making ends meet single woman needs, but it is what it is, and the real question is what are they going to do about it?

The character of Zoe was one I truly felt sorry for. Finding Mr Right is never easy and for some it never even happens , but for poor Zoe she was always ending up with Mr Wrong! Even when getting involved with Aaron when there is no other choice, it seemed that nothing right was ever going to happen for her. But the author made her a strong woman, a fighter and she fights back with everything she has to pull herself back up.

But as everyone knows at some point you do lose your energy to always fight and you need that little hint of tender loving care from another person to help you get back up again. And for Zoe that is Aaron, I cried when he gave it his best shot to try and comfort Zoe. Apart from loving the the fact that the author made Zoe strong she also made Zoe feisty, I laughed out loud at some of the changes Zoe brings to Aaron' s live. I kept thinking " Oh my but this one has got gust!"

The character of Aaron was at first a true bastard in every sense of the word. He wants revenge and gets it by taking the little phone stealing Zoe to bed. Only when the blow of pregnancy hits him he reacts not in the manner most of the Harlequin Presents reads of today gives us. He does not go the route of marriage or even the "I will provide for you both" route, and if your thinking he goes "Go away I never want to see you again" you would be wrong again.

No ladies this hero does a complete 160 degree reverse of the normal average Harlequin Presents hero, and he keeps this despicable attitude going throughout the read, this man's brand of passion is only hot between the sheets for in real life he is all ice. But to find out what he does and does not do you will need to read the book, all I will say is that as myself you will find yourself hating this man and ready to put your arms around poor Zoe and tell her it will all be okay.

Yet the more I read about him and his bastard responses and despicable manners towards Zoe the more I found myself intrigued and liking him just a little bit more, I knew the author had a reason for it and I was overjoyed when it came spilling out it made perfect sense and I congratulate the author for the unique twisted hero!

The backdrop settings were filled with passion and a sense of wonder, it all blended in so very well. From the art centre where suppressed pain is brought to life which matched with the pain and suffering of the read to the cold as ice apartment which matched with the icy attitude of Aaron. The dialogue was funny but passionate in the start which immediately captured my attention letting me know that this will be no slow read, it just as quickly moved to emotional and dramatic when it all goes wrong.

I enjoyed every single minute of this fabulous read. The author kept me on the edge of my seat in anticipation as to what will happen next for for this gorgeous couple. I found myself smiling everytime along with Zoe when Aaron loses his composure as the ice man and reveals a smile, it had me wanting to shout" That's it Zoe! Another piece of the wall just came down, keep pushing!"

I am taking away a message of , never let your past influence your future, the person you have become has nothing to do with the way you were raised or even by whom, it has to do with what you do with the set of cards life dealt you and how you chose to play the game.

This read was passionate, fun, exciting,sensual and a truly compelling read.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romances with ice cold hero's meeting their match when coming face to face with a ray of sunshine ready to melt all their defences.

5/5 star review
"A phone,a dress and a night of passion leads to a lifetime of change"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Reviewed by Nas

HIS BRAND OF PASSION by USA Today Bestselling author Kate Hewitt is a Harlequin Presents release for July 2013.

Zoe Parker couldn’t hold her irritation any longer as she saw the groom’s brother and best man texting in his phone yet again during her sister’s wedding ceremony. So she hides his phone. When Aaron Bryant couldn’t find the phone, he just assumed that it had been stolen.

But later he took the phone from Zoe’s dress where she had hidden it. Yet touching her, he felt the fire and sizzle in his blood stream. Zoe felt it too and when Aaron asked her to, she went with him.

Could their one night together turn into something more? Is there a future for this commitment phobic billionaire and Zoe?

HIS BRAND OF PASSION is a romance packed with sizzle and sexual tension amid the deep emotional drama, adding to the page turning quality of the book. I don’t believe I had come across such an emotionally charged story in recent times. Author Kate Hewitt did a great job showing how people lie to themselves to save their feelings and soothe their egos. Highly recommended for all lovers of romance. 

5/5 star review

Reviewed by Maria

From the opening scene, Zoe and Aaron’s story had me hooked.  I was on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next.  Another good title for this one could be THE BRIDESMAID AND THE BEST MAN, because that’s the actual story.  Texting on his mobile during her sister’s marriage ceremony, Aaron (Aaron the Ass) infuriates Zoe so much that she sets out to teach him a lesson and he sets out to teach her one back.  And there you have it.  A story which will have you laughing out loud in some parts and actually reaching for the handkerchief in others.  You will never forget this book, I promise you.  How the feisty and spirited Zoe turns this cold hearted businessman around and has him literally gasping in surprise will have you riveted.  It’s not every day you come across a book this interesting or this attention grabbing.  Fair dues to Kate Hewitt, for her imagination and versatility.  The ability to write hot, contemporary romances as well as sweet, historical romances is pretty much amazing, you could hardly believe it’s the same writer, but yes, it is!

There was a steamy scene or two, but seriously, I don’t think that anyone would be offended by it, even if they are the most diehard  sweet romance fan.   It was extremely discreetly and tastefully written.   This is a book that could catch sweet romance fans as well as fans of romance of the hotter, more steamy variety.   Just thought I’d mention that, because I do think that’s important.  It’s definitely the measure of a romance writer’s skill and credibility, I might as well tell you.

I read a fair number of books, including romance novels, but I just know that Zoe and Aaron will stay in my mind for a long time.  There was an unexpected twist which took me completely by surprise along the way too, but it all worked into the story in a perfect way.

So whether you’re a Kate Hewitt fan or just a contemporary romance fan, make sure you get your hands on this one – it’s a good one!