One Night Heir by Lucy Monroe

One Night Heir

Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

One Night Heir by Lucy Monroe

In One Night Heir, Crown Prince Maksim is about to propose to Gillian Harris, when he receives medical records showing that it would be very "unlikely" that Gillian would be able to conceive a child. After an intense night of passion, he ends their relationship. Gillian is totally devastated, as she believed he was going to propose.

Maks does not believe in love, having not seen it between his parents. While he cares for Gillian and really hated the idea of breaking up with her. But he is also Duty bound, and must produce an Heir. I liked how he was willing to do just about anything to get her back, but was still honest.

Nine weeks later Gillian is in total shock, but totally overjoyed with her surprising news. Deciding to keep her pregnancy to herself until she passes her third month, and the risk of miscarriage goes down. She is very shocked when Maks shows up on her doorstep, confronting her about the baby and asking her to marry him.

While Gillian character is broken hearted, she is also much stronger than maybe even she knew. I really felt a connection to her character. And loved how she didn't drop everything when he appeared at her front door. She was demanding and let Maks know while she still loved him, she would not marry him without a pre-nup to protect her and the baby.

There were a number of things I really enjoyed about this book. The passion between the two. How Gillian reacted when Maks breaks up with her, PRICELESS.

A couple of things I did not enjoy. Maks had not proposed yet so I was not buying the part of the story line where she went to his doctor and he got a copy of the report. And the epilogue, it was a little to brief and really didn't say much.

I received an ARC " Advanced Readers Copy " of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

4/5 stars