Never Say Never by Aimèe Duffy


Reviewed by Desere

Never say never are famous last words we have all heard and used through the years. In the end we have all gotten the opportunity to eat our words as our never become a definite forever.

In the new read from author Aimèe Duffy the never word is exactly the word Chloe and Sander live by. Chloe because she has been used and hurt before and is not planning on going down that road again, and Sander because he has a secret hidden that will send any woman dreaming of happy ever after running. But when the two are brought together with a uncontrollable passion they both learn the true meaning of never say never.

The character of Chloe was in the start a very weak one, yes she works hard to help take care of her mother and I did feel sympathy that she has had a hard time in the relationship department and now has to really work double hard to get to the top and at the same time juggle her ill mother.

But because she had been hurt before I was actually thinking she would be just a bit stronger in fighting off the 'evil' of the celebrity world.  But of course the title of this book is Never say Never and I liked that the author lets Chloe take a chance, but yes would have liked to see her as a bit more of a stronger heroine. The author did at a later stage bring the character out of her almost 'go with the flow 'state and into full fighting for what she wants mode, and was the moment the I was shouting "YES, very nicely done Aimèe"!

The character of Sander was a real charmer ladies, the type of celebrity that actually has a heart, not that all celebrities are heartless, but we do get those even in real life that simply only do everything for themselves and the status it can bring them.

Sander however was what I call a nice young man, no wait that one is a lie a very hot delicious man, who has made it big but has not lost his compassion. I did feel sorry for him and his big secret however when the secret it revealed I could not help finding myself torn between calling the man a stupid idiot for not seeing that the Chloe will accept it and going into full "Oh shame poor man" mode.

I did love that the author showed that both characters are the light in the darkness that the both of them needs to get up and build a real life.

The backdrop settings ranged from nice and cosy to comforting and exciting, all nicely matched up with the scenes playing out. The dialogue was great the author gave me the emotion from the characters that I needed, from heartbreaking to revealing and confrontational.

The author did once again give me as reader her great emotional charged characters that were able to pack a punch in the touching my heartstrings department and at the same time leave me with a powerful message of never say never for you don't know what the future will bring are words to live by.

The sexual content in this read was not of the full on erotica kind nor the sweet and caring only kind but a rather a combination of the two, so if your more into the full on hot and heavy page after page of wild sex this read is not for you. But if you like a little wild and crazy sex combined with a sensually explosive glow and your a reader who likes romance combined with the world of celebrities, this will be a great afternoon read.

4/5 star review
" Together they discover the forever hidden in never" 


Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

Never Say Never by Aimee Duffy

Will two people who have been badly hurt, be able to put their past behind them and find love with each other. Neither one of the two main characters in this story are looking for love. But sometimes when you least expect it, that's when it finds you.

Chloe Butler was made to feel like someone's dirty little secret. Good enough to take to bed, but not quite good enough to walk the red carpet with her Actor boyfriend. So when her mother finds out she has dementia, Chloe drops her loser boyfriend and comes back home to England to take care of her. Making her Mother her top priority she is hoping to find a better job and hire a nurse to help out with her Mother's care. She also makes a promise to herself, she will never get involved with someone famous again.

Sander Chase has also been burned, he came home to find his best friend and "band mate"in bed with his now ex-fiancé. He has not been able to get out of the legal contract with the band. And now his manager is wanting him to make nice with his ex-fiancé and ex-friend at their engagement party. He finds himself needing a believable date for the party and wants Chloe to help him, but she continues to refuse. When he finds out the reason behind her refusals, well he just melts your heart a little more.

Sander and Chloe's characters were well written, I enjoyed how they fought the love that was growing. The passion was very well written too. And Aimee did a good job of making the story line believable. I felt myself wanting to smack all of the ex's in this story. Trust me they all deserved it.

4/5 stars