The Wyoming Cowboy ( Daddy Dude Ranch ) by Rebecca Winters

The Wyoming Cowboy by Rebecca Winters

Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

The Wyoming Cowboy by Rebecca Winters is the first of three books in the the Daddy Dude Ranch Series. We are introduced to Carson Lundgren, Buck Summerhays and Ross Livingston three fellow Marines, all suffering from a strange lung illness after serving time in Afghanistan. They decide to go into business together, opening a Dude Ranch on property left to Carson by his Grandfather. They also want to give back by offering an all expense paid trip to families of fallen soldiers.

So first up is little six year old Johnny Baretta and his mother Tracy. Since losing his father in the war a year ago Johnny has closed himself off and has become a shell of the lively boy he once was. Tracy tries to bring her little boy out and doesn't let him totally close off, but nothing is bringing back the child he once was. When Carson's offer comes in the mail, she is surprised by Johnny's reaction. And before you know it they are on their way to Wyoming. 

There is an instant attraction between Carson and Tracy. Carson had always considered himself a confirmed bachelor, that is until he laid eyes on Tracy. And for Tracy this is the first time she not only looked at another man since losing Tony, Tracy is no longer feeling the intense pain of her loss . The main characters were believable and well written. While this is a Romance book, The romance is kept to kissing only. But the rest of the story is so well written, so it is not really missed.The focus was also kept on Johnny equally. He was not pushed to the back pages.

Johnny starts coming alive for the first time since losing his father. I really liked the interaction between Carson and Johnny. And I loved the idea behind the story, giving back to soldiers families. This is a story about moving on and opening your heart to a new love, but never forgetting the ones you have lost. This was my first book by Rebecca Winters. I enjoyed her writing style. And I look forward to reading Beck and Ross's stories.

Home To Wyoming, Beck's story will be available in August of 2013

I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

5/5 stars