Confessions of a Chalet Girl by Lorraine Wilson

 Confessions of a Chalet Girl

Reviewed by Desere

Planning an adventure just to get away from the dullness that is her everyday life Holly signs up with her friend to go work at a ski resort as a chalet girl. Meet new people, learn to ski and try to forget her troubles at home.

At the last minute Holly needs to go alone and brave the cold so to speak. At the chalet girl initiation she however also needs to brave her attraction towards no one other than let-me-kiss-you-all-over Scott.

She is instantly attracted to the him, but soon discovers he is her boss and backs off. But Scott has other ideas, he knows he should not get involved with his employees but there is something about Holly he simply cannot resist and soon he temps her into his world of passion and sinful lust.

Holly succumbs, but as soon as she starts to really have fun and enjoy the passion Scott reveals his secret as to why she is to never lie to him as long as they are together. It is a secret Holly simply cannot accept and she takes off running, but her heart tells her to turn back only will it be too late or will Scott take her back in his arms?

The character of Holly was at first a bit irritating as she is so dull and plain, not quite the ice queen but more or less close. But as the read progressed she does become a lot more daring and her true personality shines through. I liked that the author lets her crawl out from her shell of insecurities and hold up's to become a little more care free and spirited.

But I will be honest her holding the secret against Scott made me want to slap her, as it just did not seem valid enough, it was as if she takes her past and slams it into Scott's face even after their deep connection.

I would have liked  the author to let her have a deeper understanding of Scott's fears simply because they had already at the stage of the secret being revealed shared a very deep emotional connection and thus she should have not made the leap into running away, but instead stuck around and tried to listen to her heart and not her head. So yes not a very likeable character but she does come around and the author showed that she is able to evolve when given the push.

The character of Scott, was one that my heart went to, his secret of not wanting any lies was completely understandable. I loved that he picks up on the connection of Holly being different from the other girls and that he protects her against harm.

It showed that he is in touch with his feelings as man even though he is able to have any woman he wants, he still chooses the deeper connection as oppose to the only sex with any woman seeing the $$ signs. I adored that he does not jump to conclusions but instead he tries to think before yelling.

The backdrop settings for the scenes were very romantic, from the sexy fireplace scene to the very interesting and fresh out door pool scene. The author created the perfect romance with snow all around to give the feeling of heat and passion blossoming in the cold.

The dialogue was sweet, sensual and emotional but also at one stage did a swear word or two pop up that I was not expecting in this read, and I had to take a moment to make sure I was reading the right book. It sort of ruined the emotional level of the read and I think the author could have done without it.

All in all a very nice little afternoon read, coming it at seven chapters. Quick and easy to read. I am taking
away a message of holding the past against your future standing right in front of you, is one of the biggest mistakes you might ever make. Listen to your heart, it is beating the out the route to happiness.

I know that the author is planning another read in the Chalet girl series, and am looking forward to see what she comes up with after receiving feedback on this read.

4 star review
"The flames of passion burn to melt the ice" 

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