One Night She Would Never Forget by Amy Andrews

One Night She Would Never Forget

Reviewed by Desere

Getting pregnant at the age of seventeen, being kicked out by your mother and then managing to get back up on your feet all while taking care of a little baby, is something most woman of today have already faced. Either after a teenage marriage gone wrong, a one night stand turned bad or even after a summer fling ending with the man who you thought was the guy of your dreams simply walking away.

No matter the reason it takes a really large dose of courage to get back up and fight to give your child the life they deserve. And all through this as all mothers will know, there is no time for dating or having fun. It is all work all the time and the closest you get to play is pretend tea parties or cops and robbers!

But this only time for work is not only applicable to single mothers but also to single fathers, they too have to make sure they give their all to ensure their child has it all. When facing it alone, without any assistance either financially or emotionally it can drain you. At the end of the day you are too tired to stop and think about it but at some stage the loss of companionship does get to you. But if the cards of life deal you a second chance, the manner in which you handle it is the ultimate test, for you not only have your own heart to think about but that of a innocent child that could see a father or mother figure in the person you hook up with.

In the new read from the brilliant Amy Andrews she shows just how important each and every decision can be when dealing with children and love. The read tells of Miranda , at the age of seventeen her reckless life catches up with her and before she knows it she is pregnant, alone and being kicked out by her no good mother, who I might add has never set a good example for her daughter in the first place. Miranda does not go down instead she gets back up from the setback and makes sure to get her degree and give her child the best life possible.

She is getting along just fine until she finds herself being presented with the opportunity to be her reckless self of 5 years ago and to for just one night simply let go and feel. The ultimate temptation comes in the form of I'll-set-your-scrubs-on-fire Patrick. Being a single father Patrick also feels the need to simply let go and have some fun, and so they spend one wild, crazy sex filled night together.

Months later they meet again, this time in the workplace, but this time wild and wicked Patrick is sporting a wedding ring! Miranda has promised herself the one thing she will never do is get involved with a married man, she is not her mother, never has been and does not plan on starting to be now, only Patrick has other ideas, ones that involve Miranda wrapped around him in his bed on a permanent basis. But with both of them having a past that could show up any minute things are easier said then done.

The characters of Miranda and Patrick were both very well written. I loved that the author made Miranda strong and confident enough to never give up on making the best of her life and her situation. Through the character of Miranda the author showed that when you get the news of pregnancy not matter what age you are or what your circumstances are, if you need to face it alone without help from as Miranda likes to call it the "sperm donor" , the love a mother has for her child will always let you find the strength to get up and fight.

Patrick was simply stunning! The man is the ultimate sweetheart no matter what comes his way. He always stays calm and looks for the bright side in every situation. But of course we all know that none of us can be calm all the time and therefore I really enjoyed the moments where Miranda lets him lose his perfect composure. The author did a great job at showing that single fathers might not be able to perfectly for-full the role of mother, but they are just as well equipped at giving it their best shot.

The backdrop settings were all well incorporated, from the hospital buzzing with patients that pass on some of their own wisdom to our characters to the sizzling sex scenes and the moments of a happy family picture.

The dialogue was laced with emotional tearful moments from both characters past, I simply could not stop myself from tearing up when Miranda lays out the truth of her past and how she got to be the person she is. The author also gave hot, wild, sexy, steamy words of passion that set the pages alight. I also truly loved the family moments in this read, Patrick and Miranda's little sprouts were both a giggle that no parent can resist! I will also add that there is no female reader alive that will not find herself melting at the sweetness of Patrick with prom night , yes you read that right, but you will need to read the book to find out what I mean!

From this read am taking away the message that your past is simply that, your past. Yes it can come back to haunt you in the future, but if you never lay it all out there and take a chance you might be missing out on the best opportunity of your life. Sometimes you need more than just a helping hand to fetch the kids from school, you need a shoulder to cry on.

This read was filled with love, emotion, passion and love. A sensual, sexy, hot and steamy read! I highly recommend this read for lovers of romance reads that offer up second chances to people that have been dealt a set of cards that are never meant to be played alone.

5 star review

"Your past can offer up the chance of a lifetime" 


Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

In One Night She Would Never Forget by Amy Andrews, Miranda Dean Came from a very dysfunctional home. Her Mother was the other woman in a relationship with a married man. She had a Father who not only looked upon her as his mistake. And neither one was really there for her. So at the age of 17 she looked for love anywhere she could find it. Which leads to an unplanned pregnancy. I really loved Miranda’s character; she is loving, caring and strong. But now her little Lola is everything to her. She manages to make a home for her and her daughter, and has a demanding job with the local hospital. She has had no problems resisting men, that is, until she meets Dr. Patrick Costello.

Dr.  Patrick Costello is one fine sexy man. Think Dr. McDreamy. He is also exhausted from a demanding career and being a single parent to his little daughter Ruby. But one look at Miranda in an elevator and he realizes what has been missing for almost 5 years. He is also so VERY patient for the most part. He is willing to wait for what he knows he now wants, to a point. He wants Miranda and will do most anything to make her and Lola a part of his family.

Both of the main characters in this book are single parents for different reasons. And while you could tell they loved each other. It was not as easy as one would think. Miranda had issues with being rejected by more than just her parents. And Patrick had unresolved issues of his own. One thing was clear; they both loved their daughters very much and put them first. They actually talked about how to deal with merging the two families.

Speaking of which, these two little girls were an added bonus to the story line.  I am so happy these two precious little girls were not pushed to the back pages. They were just adorable, meeting each other at school and becoming fast friends. You could tell they took to each other right off the bat. The giggles I could almost hear while reading. And the lisp from little Ruby was just too sweet for words.

There was no denying the attraction between these too. It was believable and hot. I really enjoyed the banter between these too. There were quite a few funny lines in this book. I loved the scene where Miranda and Patrick get caught, by Ruby and Lola … too funny.  I must share one snippet from the book here.  ‘Poor Bud. Although I’m not surprised. Bud needs a girl. Sexual frustration is a killer. I ought to know’

Amy Andrews, thank you for a wonderful read!

5/5 stars