Lost to the Desert Warrior by Sarah Morgan

 Lost to the Desert Warrior

Reviewed by Desere

I have heard the standing joke of being sold into marriage over a hundred times, most woman will say that it cannot possibly be all that bad. But in reality it very well could be, it is a life of cruelty, submission, never having a chance to make your own decisions, trapped with no way out.

For Layla, this is the life that lies ahead, and she is so not up to it. So instead she asks Sheikh Raz to help her by giving her the safe haven she seeks, but in return he wants her as his queen, which leaves her back at square one, free from one marriage of submission but left with another.

She picks the lesser of two evils, Raz, at least he is more on her wave length , but soon she realises her mistake for she has not only lost her body to Raz's scorching brand of passion but her heart.

The character of Layla was really great, she is guarded and protected when it comes to her feelings yet she knows when to push for more in order to set her own emotions into play.

The author giving Layla the courage to stand up and fight really showed that woman of the culture are overlooked and their intelligence placed on a back burner, and if not for standing up will be completely ignored.

The character of Raz was a really fantastic hero, tortured soul, heartless when needed, passionate and commanding. Everything to make him the perfect 'I want to slap this man one minute and kiss him senseless the next' hero.

The dialogue and backdrop settings were full of passion, anger and romance. The author managed to create the perfect feeling of heat and underlining submission to love with her unique brand of incorporating a culture blending in with the craving of having it all.

I am taking a way a message of when pushed into any battle due to circumstances , do not back down or hesitate to try to fight your way out of it. Always believe you are strong and confident enough to get where you need to be, in the end it is your heart that has to live through it not those around you.

I recommend this read for lovers of Sheikh romances, with a fierce passion and a remarkable strong message of courage.  A quick and easy read , with words that flowed and kept me entertained.

4.5 star review
"Lost and found in each others arms" 

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Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

Lost to the Desert Warrior

There is a reason why Sarah Morgan is a two time Rita Award winner. Her stories take you on a magical trip to far off places. And I found myself out in the desert this time.

There is nothing that Layla, Princess of Tazkhan thinks could be worse in life than marrying Hassan a cruel 60 year old man. So when her father dies unexpectedly and orders on his death bed, that she marry Hassan, Layla takes matters into her own hands and rides into the desert with her sister Yasmin. She goes in search of the only man who might be able to save her. Her  family's greatest enemy!

Sheikh Raz Al Zahki has a good reason to hate Layla’s family. He believes her father and Hassan were behind the accident that killed his wife Nisa, the love of his life. But he agrees to marry Layla so he can take his rightful place as the head of Tazkhan. Raz just oozes sex appeal. It made me wish I was Layla for a while.

The descriptions of the desert were amazing. The plot was totally believable. The characters I thought were well suited for each other. And the passion wow – wow - wow !!! I also enjoyed how Raz could sense things about Layla, he knew something had happen in her life regarding dogs. But he also learned just because you are born as a Princess, it doesn’t always mean you live a fairy tale life.

We also visit with Crown Prince Malik and Avery from Sarah’s book titled - Woman in a Sheikh’s World. It was great to touch base with them and see what they were up to lately.

One of my favorite passages in the book, referring the the Kama Sutra …

I agree that there is no time to lose, so you and I will be married within the hour. I will send someone to help you prepare. Oh, and princess …’ He paused by the entrance to the tent, his eyes a wicked shade of black. ‘You have no need of that book. When the time comes I will teach you what you need to know. ‘

5/5 stars

I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.