ANYBODY BUT HIM by Claire Baxter

Anybody But Him

Reviewed by Desere

We all have that one person female or male from school that we hated, just could not stand them for whatever reason, yes most of the time for us girls it is a boy that either broke our heart or a girl that stole our man!

No matter none of us can wait to let payback be sweet or to just get the heck out and as far away as possible.

This is exactly what Nicola does, after the hero of her heart Blair becomes the piece of ice in her heart, she takes off and never looks back, only circumstances bring her back and instead of Blair being the cool as ice, heartless idiot he use to be, he is the complete opposite, and she finds herself falling for him yet again, but this time she will not forget the past, after all a leopard cannot change his spots.

The main characters were both well written and very likeable. I found them both cute and understanding when needed but also could understand for example when Nicola holds back her forgiveness.

I liked that the author kept it light yet at the same time gave enough insight into the past and future for this couple to keep me entertained and not bored with too much detail or too much this and that and what if and don't.

The author kept it real with realistic explanations and outlooks.

The read is the perfect length to allow a reader to escape from it all and go to the magical world of romance blossoming when forgiveness finally comes into play, at no stage did it feel like the road to happiness was being dragged out, as is the case in many reads and you simply want it to end just so you can be able to say "Oh okay so that is how it ends".

I highly recommend this read for anyone looking for something fun and exciting, that delivers a nice message of letting of of the past. A very pleasant afternoon read, however the ending was a little too predictable, I would have liked to see the author pull a rabbit from the hat, just to give it that bit of flare at the ending.

4.5 star review
"Forgiveness is never easy, and neither is love" 


Reviewed by Nancy Crocker
Anybody But Him by Claire Baxter

In Anybody But Him by Claire Baxter: You have sisters Nicola & Una trading places for a couple of months. Una is a writer and is in desperate need of a break from their parents. Even though she lives in a separate house from them, they are quite a handful, especially their forgetful father.

Nicola Doyle has come home to Redgum Valley. She is staying to keep an eye on her eccentric parents. But the first person she comes into contact with besides her parents, is the one person she would rather never have seen again EVER. The one and only Blair Morrissey her first and only true love. He wasted no time embarrassing her repeatedly in high school once he learned of her crush. He teases her so often it had left emotional scars. Years later he has changed, now helpful, thoughtful and still so very good looking.

What I really enjoyed about this book was the two sisters working together to help each other. I also enjoyed "Dammit" and for some reason the name just fit. I also liked that Nicole matured enough through the help of Blair to realize her parents were special, even if a little quirky. You also learn to admire Blair for all he suffered as a young kid. While he apologizes to Nicola it doesn't excuse the way he teased her in school. I also did not feel this great love connection between these two, attraction yes, but not the love. Still a very enjoyable read!

4/5 stars

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Reviewed by Nas

Anybody But Him (Random Romance)

ANYBODY BUT HIM by author Claire Baxter is a Random Romance release for July 2013.

Nicola Doyle couldn't leave her small town home fast enough after the way she was treated and bullied during her school years. But going to the big city, she reinvented herself. Now she worked in a corporate world and had made a name for herself.

Then she had to come back to her hometown for her parents. And guess who she runs into?

Blair Morrissey, her teenage crush later turned into hatred. But Blair is no longer the same school boy he was. He was a charming and attractive man now. Would Nicola let her attraction to Blair lead to it's natural conclusion? What about her corporate job in the big city?

ANYBODY BUT HIM is a delightfully sweet romance. I loved the quirky characters of Nicola's parents. Author Claire Baxter brought this exceptionally realistic romance that will touch your heart and make you shed tears.

Recommended for all lovers of romance.

Reviewed by Maria

I thoroughly enjoyed this romance novella by Claire Baxter for all sorts of reasons, not the least of which was the Irish connection.  The heroine, Nicola Doyle, might have grown up next door to me.  The fact that she had an elder sister named Una and that her parents were an elderly, mildly eccentric Irish couple who were also loving parents - just let's say I related.

The experience is so common.  Was there ever a boy you had a crush on at school, or maybe when you were still on the naive side, at work?  And did someone ever betray you and let him know how you felt?  And how did he react?  Was he honoured to be your choice, or did he laugh you to scorn?  And when his reaction was the latter, didn't you hate him forever and ever? Of course you did.  I know I did.

But just suppose there was a heart rending reason behind that dismissal of your heart's true feelings?  Suppose he really, really hearted you but had a very pressing reason why he couldn't follow up on that attraction?  Well, wouldn't it be just great if, a few years on, when you're both mature and responsible adults, you got a second chance at a relationship?  Wouldn't it be,  fabulous, fantastic and superlative, to say the least?  'Course it would.

Mind you, Miss Nicola Doyle will have to get past a few things first.  Like having the man who humiliated her as a teen as her next door neighbour.  Ever ready with a helpful cup of sugar, not to mention a maddening little dog called Dammit.  Yes, indeed.  Irish ladies are not to be trifled with even if they are first generation Australian. Until Nicola sees the light, she'll continue to date losers and wonder what is the matter.

Another thing I love about this book is, it's a sweet romance, which means I can share it with my teenage daughters. Provided they've done all their homework, of course.

And a note to the author, Claire Baxter.  I particularly enjoyed that conversation the heroine had with Opal on the relevance of designer labels and whether it's really sensible to just cut them off and have done with it.  I hope my girls will read that and take note. They'll probably relate to the eccentric Irish mother, though.  

Because this ticks all the boxes where a romance is concerned and a few more besides, I'm giving it a hi five (or is that a high five?  And does it matter?).