Hostage to Love by Maya Blake


Reviewed by Desere

Belle feels betrayed and crushed , with little hope left so what does she do, she walks away from her marriage in hope of finding something better.

What she finds is the most unspeakable kind of horror that leaves her wishing she has stuck around with her husband rather than be trapped in the clutches of a rebel soldier dead set on making her his no matter the force or form of submission he needs to use.

Her rescuer is non other than the husband she left behind, and Nick is yes hurt that his wife has discarded their marriage so easily but he is also just like the rebel soldier set on making sure she remains his wife, but with much more devastating tactics, he will brand her with his unique form of passion and love.

The main characters in this book were so real and so stunningly written it left me feeling as if I could see the anger, passion and uncontrollable hurt rage between the characters. I loved how the author took me deep into the minds of both characters and created a beautiful story of passion and romance reaching the very top of happy ever after.

The dialogue was classic Maya Blake, hot, sexy, dangerous , exciting and filled with so much emotion that I once again felt drained afterwards, which we all know is a clear sign that a book is pure magic!

The locations used were so exquisitely described by the author that I felt has if I was trapped in the world she created. I could hear every sound, feel ever touch and sense every danger.

The author let the story flow effortlessly, making this one of the best action suspense packed romances of the year, I often find a suspense to be too dragged out, as if the author forgets that the story needs to come to an  end and it just keeps going from this to that and back again and leaves me as reader wanting to throw the book away and find something better.

But in this read as I said the author kept me entertained and on the edge of my seat, not one single dull moment!

I highly recommend this read for anyone looking for romance with suspense, action, danger and enough passion and intrigue to simply blow you away!

Brilliant work Maya, please don't leave us in suspense BRING US MORE!

5/5 star review
"Held hostage by a force far greater than danger"