The Hero (Thunder Point #3) by Robyn Carr

The Hero (Thunder Point, #3)

Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

In The Hero (Thunder Point #3) by Robyn Carr: We find Rawley Goode giving a stranger and her three year old daughter a ride after finding them walking on the side of the road. He offers to take them wherever she would like to go, but a slow plan enters Rawley's head and it includes getting Devon and her little girl Mercy to Thunder Point. 

Devon McAllister has left the compound with her daughter Mercy with nothing more than a backpack and forty dollars. Anything will be better than what she has been living through the last few years. She accepts a ride from a stranger and when he takes her to Thunder Point everything just feels right. Devon cannot believe how kind and generous everyone is. She soon finds work and eventually a small home for her and Mercy, but fear is always at the back of her mind.

Spencer Lawson finds himself instantly drawn to Devon. He doesn't let her know at first that he overheard her conversation with Rawley. Being a recent widow he isn't sure he is ready for anything more than friendship. He starts settling in as the new high school football coach. But he cannot deny the growing attraction he feels for Devon.

We also learn more about Rawley, while he was in the first two books we never really knew to much about him. I have to admit I was impressed where his back history went. Also enjoyed a few laughs regarding his finances. We also learned what a true friend he can be and defiantly someone you would want in your corner. I loved the direction his character went in this book.

Another thing I love about Robyn Carr books is how the community comes together almost like a big family. We see this again in this book, along with a handful of friends helping to make Devon feel welcomed. The last third of the book had me on pins and needles I don't want to get to carried away, but there were a number of surprises and yes more than one Hero in my opinion.

Here is the list of books in the series so far:
The Wanderer
The Newcomer
The Hero

I love the Thunder Point series so far and I am looking forward to the next book ... The Chance

5/5 stars

I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.