Conveniently His Princess

Reviewed by Nas

CONVENIENTLY HIS PRINCESS is by author Olivia Gates for the Harlequin Desire series releasing in September  2013.

Aram Nazaryan was living away from his beloved land. Then he was given a Royal decree, to marry a Princess and get back to his country.

Would Aram follow this decree? And would he agree to marry ‘Kanza the monster’ as he remembered her?

Kanza Aal Ajmaan was intrigued by Aram, but she was content to hide her attraction and love for him and be his best buddy. Then he followed her to their home country and proposed. And she accepted. But what will happen when Kanza find out that Aram was advised to marry her?

CONVENIENTLY HIS PRINCESS is a sensual romance packed with sizzle and sexual tension. The witty dialogues makes for fun reading and the emotion would bring tears. Author Olivia Gates is a master-storyteller and she keeps bringing us hot heros and strong heroines. I eagerly await her next offering!

Highly recommended for lovers of romance.


Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

Conveniently His Princess (Married by Royal Decree, #2)

I have been a big fan of Olivia Gates for a while now. And I loved her First book in the series titled To Tame A Sheikh. And figured this one would be just as good if not better. But I have to admit I was somewhat disappointed. There were parts of this book that were really good, other parts not so much.

Aram Nazaryan has always considered Zohayd home. But after being slandered by Maysoon his ex fianc√© he left the country he had grown to love. Ten years later Aram is being offered the chance to return to Zohayd as the Minister of Economy but in order for Aram to take the job he needs to either be Zohaydan or marry a Zohaydan Princess. His best friend Shasheen, whom also happens to be his brother in law has the perfect solution marry Kanza, “Kanza the Monster”

Kanza Aal Ajmaan is no monster. She was given the nickname by her spoiled self-centered half sister Maysoon. She is stunningly beautiful, nothing like the eighteen year old Aram remembers. Kanza had fallen in love with Aram but after the way he humiliated Maysoon ten years ago Kanza wants nothing to do with him.

Shasheen and Johara think that Aram and Kanza would make a perfect match.  So Johara sets a plan in motion to have these two meet. And after coming face to face with Kanza, Aram definitely wants her as his wife. But what will happen to her marriage when Kanza learns the truth behind it?

At first I struggled to get into the story. There would be a few brief glimpses of the Olivia Gates writing style that I fell in love with. But the book did not have an even flow to it. The Wedding was just corny for lack of a better word. The first parts of the book wasted so much time on what Aram was thinking. At times there seemed to be a lack of chemistry between the Hero and Heroine. But once these two hooked up it really took off. The passionate scenes were very well written. The banter between these two was interesting. I will continue to be a big fan of Olivia’s and this book is worth reading, it just was not her best.

Favorite line:

“Have I told you lately just how out of my mind in love with you I am?’

3.5/5 stars

I received an ARC of this book from the NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Reviewed by Desere

This was a absolutely amazing read from the brilliant author Olivia Gates. A story betrayal, secrets and ambition. I adored the main characters and found myself completely fascinated with the author's manner of building both characters as individuals in such a manner that both seemed to be in a world of their own yet at the same time already together.

The sexual heat and intense tension left me in awe of the author's writing and the very real emotion she packs into her characters. The flow of this read for wonderful, everything fell into place at the perfect moment.

I recommend this read for any romance fan that loves a excellent married for convenience. A definite winner!

" Will he loose her when she learns his secret?"

5 star review
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