How To Resist A Hearbreaker by Louisa George

Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

How to Resist a Heartbreaker by Louisa George

Dr. Max Maitland has just completed the most demanding surgery of his life. He has performed a kidney transplant on his young three year old nephew Jamie. And the donor was none other than his twin brother Mitch. Now he is just needing to relax and relieve the stress of it all. Entering The Shed "local bar" he never expected to meet the stunning Gabby Radley. Mr. Never Serious is about to meet the one he can't do without.

Gabby Radley starts her new job tomorrow, but tonight she is drowning her sorrows at the local bar. When in walks sexy-as-sin-loves-them-and-leaves them Max. The attraction is instant, but neither one wants serious. Especially sense they work together. Soon this ONE seriously passionate night is not quite enough. But Gabby's past holds a life changing secret, one she struggles with. I really felt Gabby's struggles and issues. She suffered more than any one person should. 

I loved that these two had issues from their past. And worked through them. But I have to admit I was really pissed at how Max handled her secret when he first found out. I understood it to some extent, when you understand his childhood. But I still wanted to the steal the movie line from Moonstruck where Cher smacks the guy and tells him to snap out of it. Still a very good read!

I recommend both books in the series. Both are excellent! You can find Twin brother Dr. Mitchell Maitland and Dr. Jodi Hawke's story in The Gift of a Child by Sue MacKay

5/5 stars 

I received an ARC of this book exchange for an honest review


Reviewed by Nas
How to Resist a Heartbreaker (The Infamous Maitland Brothers)
Mills & Boon : How To Resist A Heartbreaker (The Infamous Maitland Brothers)

The Gift of a Child / How to Resist a Heartbreaker

HOW TO RESIST A HEARTBREAKER by author Louisa George is a Harlequin, Mills and Boon Medical series release for July 2013 in the miniseries `The Infamous Maitland Brothers.'

Transplant surgeon Maxwell Maitland doesn't do commitments. He runs a mile from any hint of a relationship. He even cannot get closer to his own twin, Mitchell Maitland. So what draws Nurse Gabby Radley to him?

Charge Nurse Gabby, is also scared of relationships. But could she be the pick-up girl for Max, whenever he wants? She definitely wanted more than that. She wanted to be somebody important. But when her past finally catches up, will Max still accept her for who she is now?

HOW TO RESIST A BEARTBREAKER is a moving, uplifting and feel good romance. It is packed with witty dialogue, intense emotion and sizzling love scenes. Louisa George once again brings this emotional and poignant story of past hurts, dealing with grief and new beginnings which will keep a reader turning pages with its captivating blend of medical drama, family dynamics and romance.

Recommended for all lovers of medical romance.

Reviewed by Maria

When Max, (Mr. Maxwell Maitland, the top surgeon) met Gabby (Charge Nurse Gabriella Radley), the attraction was mutual, electric and inevitable.  So when the 'inevitable' happened, Gabby tried to back out on the grounds of unprofessionalism.  But it didn't work.  These two people have both been tragically affected in their formative years, but when they meet and fall in love, after a great deal of exchange, the healing power of love really does work its magic, proving again that love is the best medicine.

Louisa George is a bold author, going where others don't.  I'd have thought that getting wasted in a bar would be the last resort as a means of finding the man of your dreams.  But she makes it work.

The book gives some tantalizing glimpses of Auckland and a great insight into human emotions, how your life doesn't have to be blighted by negative experiences in the formative years and how pregnancy can sometimes go disastrously wrong.

It all adds up to a rich, emotional read for the person who reads this novel and engages with these memorable characters.  Louisa George's books always leave me thinking.  This book was no exception.

Highly recommended for readers of romance fiction in general and medical romance in particular.
Review by TashNz

Louisa George's How to Resist a Heart Breaker is book two of a fantastic duet by her and Sue McKay.

Twin Doctors, Max and Mitchell Maitland, are both at the top of their game and fierce rivals.  They are brought back together after being raised apart because Mitchell's son needing a lifesaving transplant that only Max can perform.

In How to Resist a Heartbreaker is Max's story, the book begins just after the operation. Max needs to shake off the stressful surgery so heads to the local bar for a relaxing beer.  He cant help noticing a beautiful stranger who's also by herself sinking Mojito after Mojito.  Max is curious and starts a hilarious banter with said stranger.  This'll be easy he thinks, smile a lil smile, have a little banter and then take her back to hers... what a great way to wind down.

It's not always as easy as that tho and so begins a brilliant medical romance that I couldn't put down.  Once I picked it up, that was me until the last page and as soon as I write this i'm going to read Mitchell's story; Sue MacKay's The Gift of a Child.

Max was a fascinating character. To the outside world he has it all, charm, wit, money, beautiful penthouse, successful and renowned Surgical career but true to form it's usually those who appear to have it all actually crave what many of us are fortunate to have which is more priceless than any $$$ can offer - a family!  While Max can see Mitchell any given day if he wants, they're emotionally separated due to a mixture of circumstances beyond both of their control and past resentments which have grown and festered over the years.

The stranger in the bar turns out to be Charge Nurse Gabby Radley, newly appointed charge nurse to the peadiatric HDU where Max's nephew is recovering after his transplant.  Gabby wants new life for herself in Auckland, she's not running away from her old life in Wellington, she just wants to make new memories and have a successful nursing career specialising in peadiatrics.  Being in a new town she takes a deep breath, throws caution to the wind and becomes the definition of a "new you".  She tries things she'd never have done in Wellington, which includes agreeing to being Max's bed buddy.

Max and Gabby's casual relationship has quite an effect on them both.  They question themselves about wanting more than a casual bed-buddies relationship but when disaster strikes, in more ways than one Max throws it all away because his past prejudices has him labelling Gabby is imperfect and not someone he would want to spend his life with.

I absolutely loved the glimpses of Auckland, Louisa's writing never fails to remind me that I am so fortunate to live in such a beautiful country and just how wonderful the city I live in, Auckland, is.  I was right there on the edge of the Auckland Skytower thinking Gabby was so brave jumping off, I don't think I could do it for anything... but that's what Gabby was thinking too and she managed.