Defended&Desired by Kristi Avalon

Defended & Desired (Book 2 Billionaire Bodyguard Series)

Reviewed by Desere

Not having the perfect life or being able to have it all as they say are words we all have to face up to in life. But we can always try to make it better, a new job, a new start, a new friend no matter anything goes. But if the moment comes for that opportunity to come around and suddenly there is a risk it will all crash and burn what would you do?

Stick around and hope for the best of try to clean up the mess and then move on as soon as possible? Or would you listen to your heart and go after what you have always dreamed of even whilst knowing it will never come full circle?

In the new Kristi Avalon read these are exactly the questions Devon has to face and she comes up with no easy answer even whilst in the arms of the most perfect man she has ever imagined.

Devon is right up there with the smartest of tech nerds in the industry and she is proud of it. But her life spirals out of control when all her brilliant systems at work are hacked, destroyed and worst of all the hacker is after her blood!

Devon's first thought is to catch the hacker by playing the game and fighting back with her own brand of technical genius, but the hacker is relentless and soon goes too far, he infiltrates her home and can see and hear her every move.

Immediately her boss sex on legs, big, strong and tough look-into-my-eyes-and -I'll make-you-scream-for-more, Trey steps in, not only to protect the company but to protect the woman that has had his attention from the first day she strutted into the office with her very short skirts and brilliantly sexy mind.

Soon the uncontrollable passion between Devon and Trey burns hotter than hot and they simply cannot get enough of each other. But Trey is the family man type and wants it all, only Devon wants it all too but she simply cannot allow herself to dream it. She needs to stay unattached and get out before her heart has her dreaming of the impossible. But first she needs to get rid of the hacker or lose her life.

The character of Devon was really neat, I adored that she is so smart but in a man's industry as we all know most of the technical experts are usually male and think that woman are not equal, so loved that the author lets Devon be able to fight it out with the best of the best. Her reasoning behind not being able to have the dream of a life with Trey was understandable and I felt myself truly feeling sorry for her.

I adored that the author made Devon strong yet also fragile when it comes to reality stepping in and her realizing that Trey is her ultimate protector, the very thought of it sends her on a roller coaster of emotions, all described in the read,  however not with overbearing detail, rather with just the right balance to keep me entertained, well done Kristi!

The character of Trey was in one word stunning! The guy was perfect, sexy, smart, kind, caring, fierce and protective, not to mention a total expert in the bedroom, yes ladies the man has all the right moves to impress and he uses each and every one of them on Devon, having her come back for more and more.

What was great about him is that he does not dwell on his past, instead he uses every opportunity in life to push forward. Yes, the author did give him one and not a pretty one, but in most reads the past of the hero is taken a bit too far and makes the character a boring one, not the case in this read. Instead the man kept getting more interesting with each one of his actions towards Devon.

The backdrop settings were very glamorous and exciting, keeping in tune with the high tech elements of the read. The dialogue was hot, spicy, sexy, flirty and most of all very romantic, from the passionate words of protection to the words of forever, it all was brought into play by the author perfectly.

The mystery of the hacker was great however I found myself figuring out the mystery with just one line, so it was a bit predictable, but the idea behind it was still a really great one.

I am taking away a message of never think you cannot achieve your dreams, out there is someone of something that will help you bring it to life.

This is book two in the Billionaire Bodyguard Series and very much look forward to book three, Taken&Tempted

I highly recommend this read for all lovers of a good romantic suspense read that involves sexy men willing to put their lives on the line to protect the woman they love, no matter the cost or risk.

4.5 star review

"He will defend her no matter the risk, but all she sees is desire and no future"