The Right Mr. Wrong by Natalie Anderson

The Right Mr. Wrong by Natalie Anderson
Reviewed by Nas

THE RIGHT MR. WRONG by USA Today Bestselling Author Natalie Anderson is a June 2013 release.

Victoria did say yes to marry her childhood friend and fiancĂ© all the while fighting her attraction to his best friend Liam. 

Then she meets him years later in Paris. She was a divorcee and well Liam was a man now. Would she be able to fight her attraction to him? And what about Liam? 

Would Liam allow Victoria to deny the attraction between them? 
THE RIGHT MR. WRONG is a spellbinding romance. It is also intensely emotional and highly sensual. 

Highly recommended and well worth reading. 

5/5 star review 


Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

The Right Mr. Wrong by Natalie AndersonIn The Right Mr. Wrong by Natalie Anderson: You get an interesting view at answering the age old question " Will You Marry Me "with two different outcomes. In the first the answer is yes but the marriage doesn't last. I am writing my review from the second point of view where the answer was NO and will update later.

What happens when you are surrounded by family at Christmas time and your boyfriend gets down on one knee and pops the big question "Will You Marry Me". But you have secretly been lusting after his best friend. Victoria Rutherford is about to disappoint a bunch of people when Oliver asks her that very question. Because she decides to run off with Liam Wilson. But this intense romance soon falls apart after just a few weeks, more or less from a lack of communication. 

Flash forward 5 years and Victoria Rutherford is now Vivi Grace, the "go to" person for world famous designer Gianetta "Gia". She is everything from Gopher to Secretary to Jogging buddy, the list of tasks she does is mind boggling. And no one will get to Gia without first going through Vivi. But Victoria's is about to come face to face with her past, when none other than Liam appears. 

Liam Wilson has struggled to make his business what it is. Working long hard hours , he has accomplished more than most will in a lifetime. Determined he will have a better life as an adult than he had as a child. After leaving with Victoria five years ago, support was cut off from his backers. Feeling he no longer had anything to offer Victoria, just added to the stress of their young relationship. 

What I enjoyed about this book was there was a second chance for both. And they realized their mistakes. I also liked that Liam grew as a person so he did not make the same mistakes he had made in the past. And the special thing he did for Victoria "Vivi" at the end of the story, so very sweet. This was also a learning curve for Victoria, she learned to take care of herself and to stand up to others. Most of all to go after everything she wanted.

The only negative I had was once they came back together do you call her Victoria or Vivi. And I noticed Liam did both. 

Extra bonus: included is The Wedding Dress Diaries by Aimee Carson

4.5/5 stars

Reviewed by Desere

Every girl dreams about her boyfriend going down on bended knee and asking her the big question, but we all know that sometimes the feeling is not mutual and most woman back out while waiting for the marriage proposal she knows will never come. 

But what if you find yourself in the situation of not wanting the proposal but it comes away and then you are stuck. Do you say yes just because there is a entire room full of people watching or do you say no in order to stay true to yourself?

For Victoria this is the case in this read, her boyfriend Oliver pops the big question and she needs to give a answer. She chooses to say no, for her feelings of happy ever after are overshadowed by her feelings of lust for Oliver's best friend Liam.

She and Liam take off together, but their relationship encounters hurdles that prove too high to overcome and the relationship falls flat. Five years later however Liam is back and Victoria's feelings from before bubble over the top with double the intensity from before. 

Making it work this time around however does not seem possible, but as the saying goes, if you love someone set them free and if it is meant to be you will find yourself back in their arms and never wanting to leave. This message shone through as bright as a glittering diamond in this read and I could not stop myself from reading to see the happiness Liam and Victoria find.

The main characters of Liam and Victoria were both well written and intriguing from start to finish. I loved that Victoria becomes stronger as the years go by. She becomes the type of woman we all want to be, she stands up and fights for what she wants, the author showed that with the right push one can definitely grow and when looking in the mirror you will find there is the person you are truly meant to be. 

Liam was a gorgeous hero, a badboy for sure , as who runs off with his best friends girl and does not get called a badboy. But this made him the kind of hero we all secretly crave. I am sure most woman will agree when faced with the perfect dedicated always secure man to spend your life with vs a badboy that will show you the world even when he has nothing is far more exciting as that is the kind of love every woman wants, the as long as we have each other everything will be fine kind of love, every woman will chose the badboy if she stays true to her heart.

I loved that Liam works so very hard, pushing himself to the limits to ensure his life is better than before. To me it showed him as the badboy at heart but also the hard-working  make it or break it man, that wants to ensure life is fun but also stable, perfect balance.

The backdrop settings and dialogue was sexy and fun, very entertaining. I am recommending this read for lovers of Natalie Anderson books, as the author has once again shown she pours her heart and soul into her stories, giving us the what if's instances that are associated with every day life, whilst keeping the romance and passion scorching hot!

4.5 star review 
"Her head tells her he is Mr. Wrong but her heart tells her he is Mr. Right" 

The Right Mr Wrong
Natalie Anderson

Review by TashNz
5 Stars

Natalie Anderson's The Right Mr Wrong is exceptional!  The writing is delicious, the originality is first-class and the characters are sensational!  I loved everything about this book right down to the delightful shoes on the cover.  The Right Mr Wrong is a keeper and a definite re-read for me!  

This fantastic book goes where no others have gone before.  It contains two stories that explore what happens when Victoria says, firstly YES to marriage with Oliver and then a second story in which she says NO to marriage with Oliver.  The story starts up 5 years later.  It answers the "what-if" that we've all wondered at some point in our lives.  What if Victoria had said Yes?  What if she had said No?  Does fate step in regardless of what one does?  

Will You Marry Me???

First story Victoria says Yes.  Years later she's divorced and working her fingers to the bone with her calligraphy business.  She meets Liam, the "one" she's always thought about, during her clients wedding preparations.  Liam pursues her and Victoria eventually thinks why not... leaving a message on the back of Liam's place-card: 

One night. Tonight. Everything. Agreed? V.

Liam and Victoria have their one night (and what a night!) but is it enough?

Second story.  Victoria said No.  She was dumped by her family, her fiancee and she travels away with Liam.  It didn't last for various reason and now she's re-branded herself as ViVi, working her self to the bone to get ahead and be the best for her boss, a world renowned Model.  She runs into Liam again after her boss organises a fashion shoot on one of Liam's exquisite super yachts.  Liam pursues her and Vivi gives in and has "one" night (and again WOW what a night).

Two things remains constant in both stories.  Victoria's drive to become successful so she can support herself, her desire to work hard and her love for her family even though they break her heart at the same time.  We watch her grow as a person, work hard selflessly and discover that the person missing out on looking after is herself.  She needs to look after herself.   

The second constant is Liam.  He's one word: Devine! I love Natalie Anderson's heroes, they could walk past me in the street they seem that realistic.  Liam was extremely likable and most attractive in all ways.

I absolutely loved reading this story, it was fast-paced, my interest was held throughout both stories and the writing was fresh and current and I think Natalie Anderson has a real talent for writing as such.  I was dying to get back to it when ever I had to put it down.  I would highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone.

Extra bonus included in the book: Aimee Carson's The Wedding Dress Diaries, the prequel to a fab quartet. 

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