The Couple Who Fooled The World by Maisey Yates

The Couple who Fooled the World

Reviewed by Desere

Setting your heart in stone to make it to the top of your game and never looking back has been done by many successful people and it has even worked for them somewhere along the way they found everything they needed but also ended up lonely.

That alone is enough to make my heart ache, imagine you have all the money in the world that you ever wanted, success is on your side every step of the way, yet you spend your nights cold and alone, you might as well be dead.

One thing is always certain the reasons for building those walls is never the same, most of the time yes it is for money but other times there is some deeper, darker reasoning behind it and somewhere along the path to success you will find yourself broken into so many pieces and no amount of money in the world will put you back together.

In the new Maisey Yates read I was shown how two people each one successful and ready to fight for anything they wanted, meet their match in each other, however both have erected walls of stone and ice around their hearts and vowed to never be the people they once were, and nothing and no one can break through the barriers.

The character of Julia was a strong and feisty heroine, I loved her from the word go. I liked the idea that she is always dressed in her signature black which lets her scare of any competitor who might come her way, all but one I am -always-in-control-of-making-you-hot Ferro. The man makes her blood boil to the point of distraction and no not in a good way, well not until she takes the time to get real close and personal. But being a kick-ass fighter has gotten her where she wanted to be and no man is going to stop her winning streak. Reading about the strength she finds to get up and move on after a horrifying experience was awesome! The author showed that woman are much tougher than they look but also that not being yourself is good but only to a certain point, thereafter you need to let go.

The character of Ferro was another one of this author's dark hero's I have come to love. He is just as Julia a fighter that has fought his way to the top of his game, he has it all but most importantly he is always in control. I loved that he was addicted to control as it matched with his past perfectly, his past though was a pretty shocking one, one I certainly did not expect, at first I did not like the idea of it all very much as it just seemed so very dirty, but as the book moved along I found myself remembering that everyone has done something they are not proud of in order to survive.

The dialogue was really great, I got moments of conflict as these two character go head to head to reach for the top. There was also some pretty great lines of control and satisfaction that left me as reader with a almost eerie feeling of being torn between loving the hero and hating him.

The author also let both Ferro and Julia have more of less the same issue in life, both have erected these walls around their hearts but more or less for the same reason, and no here is where I am keeping the secret, you will have to read it to find out what that reason is. I will say that it made the book very interesting as it brought the characters down the the same level even whilst both still at the top of the success ladder.

Backdrop settings were nicely described by the author, she kept it exciting yet fun and also a little dark and cold, letting it blend in with the emotions of the characters. Ambition, lust, control, power were all apart of this read and left me as reader with a sense of wonder at just what people will do to make it to the top.

I highly recommend this read for readers that like sunshine-love filtering in through the deep dark recesses of life and how money will never bring you happiness.

5/5 star review
' She's dark he is even darker, together than will find the light" 


The Couple who Fooled the World by Maisey YatesReviewed by Nancy Crocker

Fierce rivals in business Julia Anderson and Ferro Calvaresi agree to work together on a project. When this project is over it is gloves off and back to business as usual. One other small thing, they will have to pretend to be lovers. Shouldn't be a problem for two sexy, wealthy adults, but both of them have a troubled pass.

Julia is the richest woman in the world at the young age of twenty five. A confirmed geek she has hired a team to dress her, do her hair and makeup and teach her even how to sit. But a traumatic past has made her Leary of men. I loved her character, she was quirky, spunky, brilliant, talented and beautiful and didn't even know it. 

Ferro Calvaresi has woman vying for his attention, but they are just arm candy. Growing up on the streets of Rome, he has made himself into the richest man in the world, but at what cost? A past he can never seem to let go of. He might be rich and handsome but he a VERY lonely man.

It's just a matter of time before these two hook up and let me tell you, it was hot. But I also half to admit I had issues with how he treated Julia after their first time together. I get he was a tortured soul himself, still doesn't make me have to like it. Maisey does a really good job of tackling two issues "one with each of the main characters" that you don't always see in a Harlequin Romance.

4.5/5 stars

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.