Sheikh's Baby Bombshell by Melanie Milburne -Royal Baby Collection

Reviewed by Desere

Being in love with someone for most of your life and then seeing them marry your best friend just plain sucks! What would you do, go home and sulk, drink yourself into a stupor? Or rather get up, walk out and tell yourself "Tonight I am getting lucky"!

That is exactly what Abby does, she sets out to he bar to find herself a one night stand, and she does not need sweet and slow, she needs hot, hard and fast and she wants it now!

She finds herself in the arms of hotter-than-desert-sand-Talib. He is tall, dark, mysterious and sexier than any man she has seen before, together they have the most incredible night, the man knows how to hit all Abby's buttons and leaves her feeling more complete and satisfied than any other before him.

When morning comes Talib finds himself alone bed with no Abby ! He heads back home to Dharbiri, where he is to make the announcement of his engagement to a woman he has no feelings for what so ever. Yet he has no choice, as Prince he is to marry and ensure the country gets a heir to the throne when he is gone.

Only he cannot get Abby out of his mind, a twist of fate lands her right back into his arms only this time she is no alone, she is caring his future. He will marry her and not care what the country or the laws say, only Abby wants love and he does not see the point, good sex and conversation is all they need for a good marriage and his heir will be secured in the bargain too.

The character of Abby was really great, she is a mess all the time. And I mean a real mess, she says the first thing that comes to her mind when she gets nervous and does not really care who she is saying it to. Just goes from shy and nervous to babbling to the "there I said it , this is me take it or leave it" mode. I found this delightfully refreshing!

I loved that the author lets Abby be strong enough to not go down and sulk but lets her find the courage to go out and let go a little, de-stress. The fact that Abby is going with the flow whilst at the same time doing the right thing, gave the character so much more appeal and I loved it!

The character of Talib, was to the typical arrogant Prince type, commanding and arrogant, straight forward and gets to the point right away. But what I really loved about him is the author also lets him use his authority to ensure that Abby is apart of his life instantly. In so many reads there are hurdles that need to be passed before we get the marriage bells and happy ever after. This man takes control and he does so at lightening fast speed.

The fact that this is a very short read coming in at only nine chapters ensured that the going from this hurdle to that let down and back again was cut out and we the author got to the parts we love to hear at break necking speed.

The backdrop settings were great from cold and gloomy London that showed the troubled feelings of both characters to the hot desert oasis that shows their passion for each other. The dialogue was kept in tune with this being a short read, the author did not take the route of long and stretched out lines before getting to the point, she let her words flow easily and had me entertained at all time!

The message I am taking from this read is short and sweet, when we find ourselves feeling trapped it is a clear cut sign that there is something missing, be it the stability we crave or the love of someone close to you, you need to find the reason and make it work to ensure your happiness.

Even thought this was a short read the author still made sure to deliver her signature passion and flare and I highly recommend this read for all Melanie Milburne fans and for those looking for a story of one night life changing events turning into happy ever after. The perfect thirty minute pick me up read!

5/5 star review
"One night changes everything" 


Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

In Sheikh’s Baby Bombshell by Melanie Milburne; we find Abby Wright witnessing the marriage of her best friend to the man she has loved for almost 10 years. After the wedding she decides to just throw caution to the wind and have a one night stand. What she doesn’t realize is the man she sleeps with is none other than Crown Prince Talib Muhtadi of Dharbiri.

Talib is use to woman throwing themselves at him, so imagine how refreshing it is when Abby is just what she appears to be upfront and honest. Talib is also not use to a woman walking away from him; usually he has to let them know when they have outstayed their welcome. So he finds it quite confusing and upsetting when he awakes the morning after meeting Abby and she is gone.

With Talib set to inherit a kingdom he is being pressured to take a bride and his father wants him to announce his engagement to Yashira. But Talib has been putting it off for five weeks and he is asking for more time. Then he spots Abby in a crowd and when he meets with her in his private Oasis he finds he is to be a father.

I loved both main characters in this short Novella. Talib is tall dark and handsome, and the only time he seemed to throw his Title around was when he was in fear of losing Abby and decides to fight for Abby anyway he can. Who wouldn’t love this Prince! Then you have Abby “sticks her foot in her mouth any time she is nervous” Wright. I just absolutely loved this character. She is just so in your face “but in an adorable way” with her personal information. She says what she thinks with zero filtering.

One complaint: Too short of a story. I understand it is a novella and it is suppose to be short, but I find that anything that Melanie Milburne writes I love and I just hated for this one to end. This is another page turning book I just loved.

5/5 stars

Reviewed by Maria

It goes without saying that Melanie Milburne is one of the most accomplished contemporary romance novelists around.

Needless to say, this novella, SHEIKH'S BABY BOMBSHELL lives up to expectations.  A poignant romantic tale of lost love, ships that pass in the night and the consequences of a single night of passion resulting in unexpected pregnancy.  The story reaches it's zenith in the romantic desert kingdom of Dharbiri, when the delicate Abby Wright finds true love with her Prince in a tent in the desert.  Lovely.  Just the thing to make you sigh.  Isn't it?  You, I mean. Not me.

Well, that's the freaking problem with me, you see  I know way too much about eastern promise and romance with your dusky skinned, almond eyed prince (well, not a prince maybe, but leave the dusky skin and the almond eyes).  It is nearly impossible for me to suspend my disbelief and enjoy this type of writing for the fantasy that it truly is.  Ladies, life in the desert is decidedly not romantic, even if you are petrodollar wealthy.  You have to live abroad to truly enjoy luxury.  And turning up to knock on the door of the Arab prince  whose nocturnal attention left you in the family way a few weeks earlier is not likely to land you the title of Queen of the Desert either.  Land you in jail more like, with a sentence of flogging for having sex before marriage. And it would be pretty incredible to find a desert prince who had reached the age of maturity without having been married at least once.  These boyos marry quite young and can have several wives at once.  A possible exception would be someone like the present King of Jordan, but that country is practically westernized with a British style monarchy.  Okay, I'll shut up now.

So ladies, luxuriate in Melanie Milburne's lovely writing and fantasize away to glory as you enjoy this romantic novella.  But don't for one moment even think about trying to turn fantasy into reality.  The noble prince of the desert who's been waiting for you all his life is a fantasy.  A pleasant one no doubt, but a fantasy nonetheless.  So don't say you weren't warned.

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