Abandon All Hope by M.J. Schiller

Abandon All Hope (Rocking Romance Collection, #2)

Reviewed by Desere

Many people have had the blessing of finding the one early on in life, but it has not always ended with them still being together till their last dying breath. Sometimes life takes a unexpected turn and the perfect relationship ends up as nothing more than a memory.

But if life brings around a second chance for you to once again hold the person of your dreams in your arms, the only question you would need to ask yourself is  "Do I trust enough to believe this is real and do I want it?".

This is the situation that Hope faces, in high school she dated Chase, the boy of her dreams and she had never been happier than when she was with him. But a terrible twist of fate at the hands of two fellow students ended the relationship faster than the pounding rhythm of a rock ballad!

So when years later, Hope now a reporter and after the next big story is assigned to follow around the boy of her dreams who has now turned into a hotter than hot rock-star she keeps reminding herself that this will be as easy as snapping pictures and that she is good at so no problem, after all the man cheated on her and she clearly meant nothing.

Until she steps back into the fantasy that is I-will-make-your-body-sing-for-only-me Chase 's life. And Chase has no plans of letting her go, he wants her and he will have her at any cost but he has no idea of what he did to her all those years ago.

The character of Hope was a bit of a ditz , loopy in her own way but with good reason. She comes off as being very strong and independent which stems back to her childhood insecurities however she is at the best of times very weak and very much of a push over. This showed her as very realistic, for we all know we can act tough but it is never really the full truth and nothing but the truth. This also fell very nicely into alignment with her pushing for something but holding back and thus never really fully showing what she is worth. I adored the author using these personality traits of Hope to let her make her choices, it gave me a interesting bouncing here and there and everywhere character, which was very interesting.

The character of Chase was terrific, loved the man from the start go! Kind, caring, sweet, sensual and all kinds of romance. He like Hope had a couple of issues but not as deep which made him the more fun character in this book as oppose to Hope who carriers around a lot of darkness and uncertainty. Chase also did some of the most romantic little scenes I have read in a long time and all I will say as to not spoil it is M.J. you had me wiping away the tears with the dress!

A great touch by the author was incorporating scenes from Hope and Chase's childhood and teenager years by letting the scenes from years ago re-unfold with a new outcome. It was as if I was reading a flashback but whilst it was being played out during real time. Great touch !

I also simply adored to pieces the lyrics of love songs in this read, gave me that special this is romance feeling. The author also gave me a look into the life of  Chase as a rock-star and this alone deserves credit, for that is the side we all know we will never see unless we end up dating them!

I am taking away a message of when you find the one you know you are meant to be with and you know they feel the same way, don't let rumours fool you into thinking the worse. Stop, ask for a explanation and then decide before simply just taking off. And always, always remember that when the time calls for it and happiness is what you are after, take fate into your own hands and roll with it!

I recommend this read for anyone who likes quick and easy romance reads with a emotional, sensual and very sweet understanding dialogue. A very cute and fun sexy little read!

4.5 star review
"She is his only hope but will she want to chase him" 

Copy provided by the author in exchange for a honest review