Cowboy Justice Catcher Creek 2 by Melissa Cutler

 Cowboy Justice (Catcher Creek, #2)

Reviewed by Desere 

Guilt can eat away at your conscience so badly it will ultimately destroy you, sending you over the cliff's edge and there simply will be no way to make it out alive. Being able to get up and still go on whilst living with the guilt as if nothing ever happened is something only a very strong person can do, that is while the world is watching.

When night comes the guilt ramps so high it is as if flames are burning a hole into your soul. Seeking a moment of relieve in any way or form is sometimes the only way to momentarily forget your troubles and leave behind the everyday world of hurt. But when you run back to the person responsible for the guilt simply because you cannot resist them, how will you ever move past it?

In the new read from Melissa Cutler this is the life of Rachel. Ever since she can remember she has been there for her family, especially for her sisters. From the moment their father dies she is right there to step in and take care of the land, the daily chores all to ensure her sisters have the chance to live and not be burdened in any manner or face any form of trouble.

But even Rachel is only human and soon she falls at the hands of temptation when my-tie-is-not-just-for-official-use Vaughn walks onto her porch. Their affair is as off limits as it is hot, and the guilt eats at their souls while the flames of desire burns higher and higher. They cannot be together yet they cannot live without each other and the law coming after them both makes it seem that this is one relationship that will never find it's happy ending.

The character of Rachel was absolutely stunning. Strong, confident, always fighting to get everything done even if it means getting shot to protect her family. A true kick ass heroine! I loved that the author let Rachel be so strong willed in making sure everything is always in tack for her family even though it was in direct contrast with her feelings of never really ever being in tack herself.

Rachel falling apart in little bits in pieces when the real world is no where to be seen showed she was as human and real as they come and that like most of us when you think there are other lives depending on you, you stash it away for all it will do is show you are weak, a very realistic touch very nicely done by the author.

The character of Vaughn was true hero material but also such a jackass. The author let him be the sort of man you want to be all over with in a heartbeat simply because he is all kinds of total deliciousness but at the same time because he has a sense of understanding and the ability to ease pain but only to the extent where it reaches the point when his work comes into the picture.

Once his work steps in all the understanding and caring takes of faster than a outlaw on the run and right here is where the jackass part steps in and all I wanted to do was grab a piece of medal and hit some sense into him! But when the author started digging deeper into his mind I found the answer to him being the way he is and then the author did the brilliant job of crafting the perfect hero from a broken man, simply adored the end result, Melissa you had my heart melting with each slice of pie being offered!

The backdrop settings very vividly described by the author, I felt as if I was able to see the land and hear the sounds of galloping horses and gunfire. The dialogue was a combination of passionate heat, emotional dramatic words that brought me as reader tears of joy and heartache, but above all it was so extremely sexy at times that it not only set alight the pages but is guaranteed to turn the temperature of the coldest place on earth into nothing but a raging fire of flames hotter than the Texas sun.

I am taking away a message of when hiding the guilt you feel from the people that love you the end result when the truth is revealed might be more surprising then finding out you like it rough between the sheets. And backing away from love when your love is all that can save someone is one of the biggest mistakes you can make for when the chance to gain them back comes rolling around the damage might already be to severe to repair.

The author also touched on the life of Rachel's sister Jenna and her love interest and gave just enough insight to let you know Jenna's story will be filled with even more mind blowing awesomeness from Catcher Creek, Melissa write faster and bring me more!

I highly recommend this read for all fans of kick ass, totally awesome, rocking, brilliant romance reads. The author delivers on each and every page. A sensual, sweet, sexier than a Stetson wearing cowboy, hotter than hot, emotionally packed dramatic filled read that will not only leave you breathless and begging for more but also with a overwhelming need to step and break away any chains of hurt you may have holding you down.

5/5 star review
"He's all about justice, until justice comes after his woman" 

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Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

Cowboy Justice (Catcher Creek, #2)
Cowboy Justice opens with a modern day gun battle. With Rachel Sorentino protecting her land against “four high on drugs” vandals. And it is a fantastic read all the way through. It will take you through the family history of both Rachel and Vaughn. And gives more insight into who they are and why they are the way they are.

Rachel Sorentino has been trying to hold on to her family’s ranch “Heritage Farm’s” with help from her sisters Jemma and Amy. They are hoping to turn it around ever since their Father ran it into the ground. I just adored Rachel’s character. She was strong, firm in her beliefs and while she struggled to sometimes relate to humans she came through in the end.

I loved the character of Sheriff Vaughn Cooper. A sexy man with a badge and a gun. Vaughn loved using his uniform tie for other things than dressing as sheriff.  While the sheriff might fit every  woman’s dream of good man, he did have a major flaw … his priorities. The job always came first with him and to a point I understood. He was trying to end the career of a law breaking sheriff, but at what cost?

Rachel and Vaughn’s love story is the main focus. While the main part of their history was from a year and a half ago it seems these two can’t forget each other and can’t forget the passion that burns for them both. There is a really passionate scene in the stables with Vaughn tying Rachel’s hands.

I loved the secondary characters of Jemma, Amy, Vaughn’s parents Greg and Maria. I really enjoyed the talks Vaughn had with his father. And I really loved the talk between Jemma and Rachel about the loss of their mother.  I also thought Melissa did a great job of describing the landscape of New Mexico. I have driven through New Mexico before and it is just as she described in this book.

A Couple of favorite lines:

“I’m about to kill some men, Vaughn. You better get to Parillas Valley fast, and bring an ambulance.”

Pathetic, how a four-week affair a year and a half ago had screwed him up so royally.

5/5 stars

I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.