Friends&Lovers by Tara Mills

Friends and Lovers

Reviewed by Desere

Abuse is a word very often never said simply because it involves too much hurt, anger, embarrassment, betrayal and for those reasons many prefer to rather look the other way.

But if you take the time to stop and think what a huge impact it has on the lives of the victims and their families, you will find that just like you they hurt and will give anything to find help before it is too late. What if it was your daughter, sister or mother taking physical abuse over and over, would you turn your back if you were able to help?So why look the other way when it is a stranger?

Helping anyone though will take a courageous, strong, confident and willing to fight for the cause kind of person. One such person is Lauren, as long as she lives she will fight to ensure that no other woman ends up the way her sister and nephew did.

Running the woman's shelter keeps her busy and her mind off from together-we-will-burn-up-the-sheets Wes, her high-school crush and ultimate fantasy that fills her thoughts when work is not there to act as distraction. Until the fantasy comes walking into her office and straight back into her heart. She never revealed her feelings for him 15 years ago and she certainly does not plan on doing so now. The man is afterall strip 'em, do 'em and walk away material.

However, Wes has other plans, he has come back into town not only to settle down and start a life, but to get Lauren into his bed and keep her there, she will simply not get away this time. But once he gets her into bed and finds the nightmares she lives with, he realises he will not only need to protect her from the one that haunts her at night but save her from herself and a life of depression, not to mention the madman about to take her from his life.

The character of Lauren was brilliant! I loved that the author let Lauren use her own personal tragedy to light a better path for woman that cannot. I could understand that she also uses it to try and block out the memories of pain and this being the reasoning behind her rather less than fabulous appearance. It made her very realistic as in real life when we hit a low point we do tend to fall into a pattern of doing everything to stay busy,we get up and go on but only in body and never in spirit leaving behind the other everyday things such as taking the time to doll up.

The character of Wes, was simply put terrific! He had the charm and ease of a badboy yet also the heart of a true prince. I simply could not get enough of him being so gentle with Lauren whilst at the same time pushing her to the limits to help her through her issues. It was as if I was reading about the perfect man, in touch with the heroine's feelings and thus knowing when to push and how far but also in touch with the gentleness she required to ensure she crawls out from the deep, dark whole she is buried under.

The backdrop settings were vivid and stunningly described, with each hurdle Wes and Lauren face the author ensured that the backdrop matched to perfection, action packed or passionate it all fit together beautifully. The dialogue gave me everything I want from a good romance read, it had passionate words of love and adoration of want and need, words of emotion so strong it brought me to tears and the action filled scenes where lives were in danger was packed with strong and adrenalin rush words and completely in tune with what was playing out. I adored watching Wes and Lauren's relationship blossom, it was totally awesome and so well written, the author ensured that the story did not drag on and on, everything moved at a fantastic fast pace and not once was I bored, truly nice job Tara!

I am taking away a message of life has it's up's and it's downs. Sometimes the down's are hard to get over, but when you go down always remember those who care for you don't push them away. And most importantly never keep your love for someone hidden take the risk for you never know you might find yourself lying in their arms safe, secure and truly living the dream.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance. The read was sensual, sexy, passionate, emotional, heart-warming, action packed and the author delivered just the right amount of each to keep me on the edge of my seat, a real kick ass read!

And best of all delivered one of the most powerful messages I have received from a romance read in a long time, abuse towards any other human is never to be excused and never to be hidden instead do all you can to help for one day it might be you.

I truly look forward to more reads from this author, am certain they will offer up the same realistic link I simply love!

5/5 star review
" He wants her and he will have her,even if he has to cuff her to his bed"