How to Win a Guy in 10 Dates by Jane Linfoot

Reviewed by Desere

Everyone we see around us has secrets of the never to be spoken of life changing kind. They keep them hidden deep inside their hearts and only bring out the memories when they cannot hold back the pain, but never in plain view of those around them, showing the world the box of the past will simply mean that they are weak. For once they made the mistake of a lifetime it not only changes them but forces them to harden their hearts in order to never get broken again.

In this read from Jane Linfoot we meet Millie, she likes being independent, she works hard for it and even though she is not completely independent she is as close as she can get for now, after all every day is a new start and she will get there in the end. The one thing that is more important to her than independence is remembering to never lose her heart to a man ever again.

She does not count on being blown from her horse by lager than  life, sex on legs, more delicious then chocolate take-me-to-the-stars-and-back Ed.  Nor does she count on him being so persistent in getting her to agree to go out with him. However with Ed's constant pushing she relents and the fireworks start, that is until she finds out Ed is not all he pretends to be, only how can she blame him for keeping secrets when she has one of her own ready to destroy any future they might have?

The character of Millie, was too awesome. Funny and feisty ready to kick butt with anyone who dares to tangle her shorts.  I totally adored how the author also let her vulnerability crack through the feisty front she keeps up, it made her realistic and reminded me that this is what we all do in real life, we build up the image in order to protect ourselves, not realising that in the long run it could destroy us. I was very intrigued by Millie from the start, the author made her mysterious and I simply knew that when the secret gets revealed it will be a good one and I was not disappointed., Jane you had me bawling my eyes out!

The character of Ed was rich, smooth and a sexy badboy ready to take you to heaven and drop you off over the cliff when he is done, you know you should not touch but afterwards you know you would be able to say "Wow what a ride!" even while crying your eyes out. I adored that the author lets him change throughout the read, revealing not only the real man he is capable of being but also the man he has always been.  I found his easy charm and always cracking a joke when the situation gets a little beyond his control simply delightful and loved him more and more with each page.

The backdrop settings were gorgeously incorporated by the author, I smelled the fresh air and during one scene it actually felt as if I could touch the moonlight being described. The dialogue was sweet, funny, sexy, sensual, emotional, passionate, heartbreaking yes, the list goes on and on, this read had the perfect mixture of it all!

I am taking away a message of pretence is always a mistake, be yourself always no matter the outcome in the end you will know you never faked your way through anything and always remained true to yourself, and along the way you might even find the one ready to accept you just the way you are.

I highly recommend this read for any and all fans of romance looking for a smart, funny sexy read. The read was filled with heat and emotion of the very best kind, a true explosion of the senses. The author has a brilliant fun and fresh approach at writing and I will definitely be seeking out more of her reads. Jane get back to writing right now!

5/5 star review

"The big bang theory just got sexy" 

eARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for a honest review