Safe In His Hands by Amy Ruttan

Reviewed by Desere

Feeling safe in someone else's hands is something that does not come along on a daily basis. You need to get to know the person first and truly connect with them before you even might reach a level of thinking you feel safe in their hands.

For some it takes years for others it can happen in weeks, however long it make take there is always the threat of an event taking place that could destroy that perfect feeling-safe-bubble, and trying to mend it might end up in more heartache then happiness.

In this read from author Amy Ruttan we meet Charlotte, once upon at time she had it all with I-need-you-so-much- Quinn, they were happy and expecting their very own little miracle. Yes, they both had to learn to adjust to the idea but it seemed to be going well,until the hands of fate took it all away.

Quinn walks away never to be seen again but Charlotte does not lie down and admit defeat, she gets up and fights back to make a success of her life and not wallow over the baby or man she lost.

But now she needs his help to save her best friends baby. Brining him back also means she will be bringing back into her life all the feelings of hurt and anger right along with all the memories of long hot passionate nights. But she is much stronger this time around and she can do this, she has no other choice. That is until she sees him, and all hope is lost. Can she convince him to stay this time or will she be the one running?

The character of Charlotte was a true heroine. She does not let anything get her down to the point where she lets the world see it, she rather holds it together as much as humanly possible and cracks on her own out of sight. This showed me as reader that she is not only strong and able to face whatever situation comes her way but that she is the type of person you want in your life, for she will hold it all together for the sake of keeping you calm, perfect Dr. material.

I was saddened by her tragic loss of the past, and yes I cried for her, but what the author did was use this to help her see her own mistakes and really listen and observe Quinn. Totally loved that touch Amy!

The character of Quinn was definite save-me-all-night-long hero material. But underneath all the yummy delicious muscle there was also a man of so many layers created by the author that it left me feeling emotionally drained in the best kind of way. I wanted to know more, learn more, not only the reason he walked away but the true meaning of him guarding his feelings.

The author did a incredible job at taking both characters and letting the best of them shine through.  Both characters went on a journey of self discovery and I simply loved the outcome.

The backdrop settings were exquisitely described by the author and I felt as if I could touch the wilderness and feel the chills. The dialogue was emotional, passionate, sweet and sensual, it hit all the right notes.

I am taking away a message of opening up your heart can lead to heartache but it might also lead you straight back into the happiness you have been missing.

I highly recommend this read for lovers of medical related romance reads, fans of old lovers reuniting and for anyone looking for a author who writes her books with so much depth and emotion it will touch your soul and leave you with a burning feeling to seek more.

5/5 star review
"She is safe in his hands, unless he lets her go again"

I received a eARC from the author in exchange for a honest review

Reviewed by Nas

SAFE IN HIS HANDS by debut author Amy Ruttan is a Mills & Boon and Harlequin Medical series release for September 2013.

Dr. Charlotte James calls her ex-fiance to help save her best friend’s baby. Because he was the very best there was. He was the top of his specialty and Amy respected him.

Even though he had walked when she’d miscarried their baby and needed him the most. He had gone to the job in a big city hospital as a top-notch surgeon.

Five years later, Dr. Quinn Devlyn had a bad accident and now he was not very confident of his surgical capabilities. He had taken a sabbatical from his position when he received a call for help from Amy. Would it be a chance to rekindle their romance? Could they find their way back?

SAFE IN HIS HANDS is a sensational romance, which is filled with astounding medical drama. Author Amy Ruttan made us visualize the story with her flawless story telling. The emotional and sensory details are exquisitely done and the sensuality in the love scene just sizzles. This is a story about recovering from past guilt and grief and moving forward. The premise was wonderful and story moved along very fast.

Highly recommended for all lovers of medical romance.