The Striker's Chance by Rebecca Crowley

The Striker's Chance

Reviewed by Desere

Many people out there have the sometimes thrilling and exciting job of changing people for the better, and when I say this I want you to think psychologist, specialist, hairstylists the list goes on and on.

But what if your job is to change a celebrity to take them to a level of stardom that will strike every possible stardom crazed fan out there out of the arena and the player right into the hands of the great teams of history?

If it is what you trained for than it is easy right, and falling in love with the star along the way to perfect stardom image is no problem, should not effect your opinion at all right?

In this read from author Rebecca Crowley she not only showed that it is never easy to change another person, but it is also never as easy as you think to not let your feelings get in the way.

The read is about Holly, she has the chance to make it big time, all she has to do is make Kepler "Killer" De Klerk the star he use to be before a accident left him in the game but not all in the game. But what she finds is that Mr-for-you-I-will-bare-my soul is not the "killer" nor is he anything he is pretending to be. There is much more to this man than meets the public eye. She is left with having to chose between kicking the ball into the media's court and landing herself her a dream job or going for the man she has fallen for.

Both main characters of Holly and Kepler were brilliantly written by the author. I loved that Holly is focused and pushy in getting what she wants, and of course I simply adored that Kepler let's her get so derailed from the tracks and twists her into the kind of knots no woman wants to be in! I simply loved that the author let's Holly go on a journey of self discovery through the eyes of Kepler, magical touch Rebecca!

The character of Kepler was to die for hero material, strong, hot, passionate about the game but also a tortured hero! I simply could not get enough of how the author keeps letting these little bits and pieces from his life pop up in the read showing me and also Holly that there is so more to this man. It not only kept my attention but also let fall in love with the real him more and more with each bit revealed.

The backdrop settings were very well incorporated into the read, it felt as if I was on the field living the game. The dialogue was laced with emotion and passion, sexy and also at times funny. I loved the conflict between Holly and Kepler it had me laughing and rooting for them, and made for brilliant entertainment!

I am taking away a message of when having to chose between the love of your job or the love of your life, the decision will always be hard but there is always another challenge, another client, but you might never find the forever kind love again.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of sports related romance reads. It had drama, emotion, passion and sweet sensual understanding of the most beautiful kind. I look forward to reading many more reads from this author. Bring it on Rebecca, let the games begin!

5/5 star review
"It's all about the image until it gets stripped down to love" 

eARC provided by the author in exchange for a honest review