Blush (Burlesque Bombshells) by Nicola Marsh

Blush (Burlesque Bombshells, #2)

Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

On the Beach of Prince Island to celebrate the marriage of a friend, two unlikely people are about to share what is suppose to be a one night stand. But Adele Radcliff and Reid Harper cannot forget those few hours of passion they shared.

Adele Radcliff works and an accountant for Burlesque Bombshell. She has worked hard to better her life and is proud of her accomplishments. While she is good friends with Jess “Reid’s sister” and Chantal her boss. She has a dark past that no one’s knows about and she is planning on keeping it that way. Because becoming involved with a politician will exposed everything and that is something she will not risk for either of them.

Reid Harper is a politician on the fast track to becoming a State Senator. He just can’t get the red head he had amazing sex with on the beach out of his head. When he visits Adele in Vegas it is like they never separated. But he is shocked to learn she does not want a relationship with him. Even when she discovers she is pregnant.

The passion was intense and perfect in this novel. These two just could not keep their hands off each other no matter how much they tried. I loved how Jess and Jack were there to help out Reid who was relationship clueless. And the banter between Reid and Jack was really  funny to read. But the best part of this story was overcoming ones past. And accepting someone for who they had become and not what they lived through. I felt the story was totally believable and that these two were meant to be together.  I also loved how Adele was really thinking of Reid and not wanting to cost him his career.

Favorite line:

“I’d like to tell you I dragged him back to Burlesque Bombshell and had wild monkey sex with him on my desk, on the stage and in every other freaking room in the place.”

5/5 stars

I received a copy from the Author in exchange for an honest review.

Blush (Burlesque Bombshells, #2)Reviewed by Desere

We all work hard to erase things in our past that we never want uncovered.  It may even be something so low and out of character, you fear if people discover the truth, they will be shocked and may even say they never really knew you, and you never see or hear from them again.

In the latest from Nicola Marsh, this is the exact fear Adele has.  Once a Burlesque Bombshell dancer, she has worked hard to make a name for herself as an honest, hard working accountant.  She keeps on track as best she can and always remains focused. 

Then she falls at the hands of temptation when do-me-now- Reid winks in her direction. But Reid is a politician who could never get involved with the likes of her, especially if he learns the awful truth of who she once was.  So what to do about their one night stand surprise?  Tell him and risk the truth of her past being revealed leaving their child hanging in the balance, or simply walk away and start over?

The character of Adele was really awesome, the kind of heroine that all woman with a terrible past can learn from. She rises from the ashes and fights her way to the top in an honest and hard-working way.  Her past was less than pretty but it was also hard-working, even if it wasn't honest and classy. Adele comes across as a loving person who would do anything for those she cares about, even stain her life in a manner that can never be fully erased, no matter how good she tries to be.

Reid was a true kiss-me-now and kiss-me-senseless kind of hero. I loved that he has to call his friends in as backup for relationship advice.  Though it showed him as a little clueless, it also made him more real since many times in real life, men are indeed clueless and need some advice. Unlike the perfect heroes we find in some reads( I know we all still love those) who somehow act both incorrectly and at the same time correctly, Reid was just plain old, real life, I-want-the-girl-and-I-want-her-any-way-I-can-get-her material. I simply adored it.  Well done Nicola!

The backdrop settings and dialogue were sexy and so passionate it left me breathless. I am taking away the message that the past is in the past, don't let it hold you back from seeking your future. If it is within your grasp then take the risk and let it all out.  You might or might not be forgiven and still seen as the person you wanted to be, but at least you shall be free from always looking over your shoulder and hoping the truth stays hidden.

I recommend this read for fans of Nicola Marsh's more risqué writing.  Unlike her Harlequin's, this read contains swear words and much hotter sex scenes than what you are use to. But if you simply adore anything this author writes, I can guarantee you will not be disappointed and I urge you to get a copy of this read right away!

5/5 stars review

"He can be the one to take away her past and show her the best future" 

Review by TashNz

Blush is Book 2 of Nicola Marsh's Burlesque Bombshell sizzling series.  

Starting off where book 1, Brash, finished Jess sticks to her word and introduces her brother Reid to Adele, Burlesque Bombshell's accountant.  Reid is an up and coming politician with his sights set on Senate.  Adele has seen him speak before and was completely smitten... so a one-night stand? Why not!  They're on a secluded island of paradise; at a wedding and will probably never see each other again so both Adele and Reid let go for a night and they get right on down to business in a secluded  island cave.  

This is usually the point where you walk away, and remember it fondly as one of the best one-night-stands EVER and move on with your life.  Not for Adele and Reid, they cant forget each other, it's an impossible feat so Reid pursues Adele relentlessly and roadblocks are blocking every corner.  A politician heading for senate needs to keep his track record clean... seeing someone who works at Burlesque Bombshell's isn't going to achieve that.  And Adele has her own little secrets she's not ready to share.  

Reid is quite a mesmerising hero.  He knows what he wants.  He wants Adele and he knows he can kick all the roadblocks out of the way... but what will he think of the complete smashed up road block he's about to encounter???  Adele is such a hard lil worker and has achieved so much you genuinely want her to have her happy ever after and right till the end you're hoping she'll help Reid smash all walls down.

With a set up of mainly Vegas you know anything goes and it does in Blush.  It's a hot, fast paced, edge-of-your-seat rocking good read!   Blush is also a fun read, a sizzling HOT read... in terms of chilli hot level, this is high combustion level!

I loved the recurring characters from Brash and I cant wait to read Chantel and Zane's story in 2014.

Dont walk past this series if you want a bit of fun and escapism, Brash and Blush perfectly hit the spot.

4 stars