Glittering Fortunes by Victoria Fox

Reviewed by Nas

GLITTERING FORTUNES by author Victoria Fox is Harlequin release for September 2013.

Olivia Lark had been in love with Addy Gold since forever, but he never showed any interest in her. Then she starts working for Luke Lomax, the local royalty. Luke’s superstar brother arrives from Hollywood with his super star girlfriend.

Now all of a sudden Addy starts pursuing Olivia. Was it just for her connection to the superstars she was working for?

Luke had his own set of problems. And his brother Cato Lomax was a big part of it. Would Cato never come to his senses? Everyone apart from Luke is after the glittering fortunes but no one realizes that all that glitter is not real!

Olivia was draw toward the reclusive Luke, could this end happily ever?

GLITTERING FORTUNES is a red hot, super steamy read with heaps of sensuality. Author Victoria Fox did a great job of showing how people lie to themselves to save their feelings and soothe their egos. Highly recommended for all lovers of romance and drama.