Backstage With Her Ex by Louisa George

Reviewed by Nas

BACKSTAGE WITH HER EX by author Louisa George is Harlequin Kiss series release for October 2013.

Sasha Sweet was a prim and proper schoolteacher. Not for anything she was known as Miss Sweet and Sour. She just wanted to get bad boy rocker Nathan for help by doing a concert with her physically challenged choir group.

But Nate was the ex who had left town ten years ago. And he wanted to pick up where he’d left off!

Would Sasha agree to Nate’s outrageous demands? She was attracted to him, but was it just physical?

BACKSTAGE WITH HER EX is a fun and flirty romance with sensual scenes as well. While reading I had grave doubts about how Nate and Sasha would end up together. Nate was the LA bad boy rocker with girls plastered to him all the time. And Sasha was the prim teacher with different goals. They didn’t even want the same things. Do opposites really attract? But author Louisa George brought Nate and Sasha together with such fun, witty banter and tied them with emotional thread so tender yet so strong that it would leave readers gasping.

Highly recommended for all lovers of romance.

Reviewed by Desere

Every woman has at one stage come across a man so different from her and what she wants in life that getting involved will surely be your downfall, but resisting the badboy is always the hardest and in the case of most they fall at the first touch.

But after temptation comes the seeking of deeper meaning and the fun time fling with the badboy turns into a relationship. It is a relationship that you know will surely end for you can sense it coming but still in the name of love you cling, that is if you don't have a secret to protect and if the man himself sticks around long enough want to try and find out. 

In the new Louisa George read this is the situation for Sasha, years ago she and badboy now turned rocker I'll-make-your-body-play-for-only-me Nate had a good thing going but he left and never looked back, leaving her behind to deal with the heartache.

Now a school teacher she has the chance to let her always helping others attitude shine through by helping the school choir make a success. Only to reach the dream for them she needs to pull in the help of Nate, the media attention would more than double the attention needed. 

Only when she goes to ask him the look he gives her tells her all she needs to know, yes he will help her with anything she needs if she helps him by taking up where they left off. But Sasha is still the same insecure woman she use to be, holding on to a secret that prevents her from getting too up close and personal, and Nate is still the running away at the first sign of trouble, this will never work and it seems all they have is chemistry and no chance at a real relationship tied with roses and love. 

The character of Sasha was very well written and I liked that the author linked her to real life in the sense that many woman are prim and proper on the outside simply because they need to scare off men because there is something that will prevent her from having a normal relationship and thus she feels that acting uptight will keep the advances away and her secrets will remain safe. I adored how the author let Nate drive Miss Prim and Proper from the stage and let the true star that is Sasha shine through, not dragged out over a too long period but rather with very slow and delicious scenarios. It kept the read light and fun.

The character of Nate was all kinds of sing for only me deliciousness! Him having his very own secret added to the brilliantness that was this read. I loved how the author let me be able to pick up on the secret but kept it hidden in little here and there hints. The author also let Nate feel extremely real and in the flesh to me as reader, yes with the descriptions of him being more than just sexy but also with the reasoning behind him rather running as soon as it gets too much, which is what a lot of people in real life do, you run when the going gets tough.The author using Sasha to draw out Nate from his star always on the go no time to stop attitude was truly awesome to read.

The backdrop settings and dialogue was fun, sexy, flirty, passionate and playful at all times, the author also gave me little emotional conversations that let me as reader know there is more to the secrets being kept and indeed when revealed it would bring the perspective of both characters and their actions into the open with a bang.

I am taking away a message of holding back and staying hidden simply because of a secret will only make it worse as the doubt will eat away at you and keep preventing you from moving past it. And most importantly we cannot always protect everyone we love but when given the chance take it and if you fail understand that it was beyond your control and at the time you did what you thought was best. 

I highly recommend this read for all lovers of Louisa George's fun, flirty, sexy, sensual reads. A passionate, heartfelt read about not running away from anything in life. Truly a spectacular afternoon read!

5/5 star review 
"  Opposites may attract but can they make it stick"

Reviewed by Nancy Crocker
Backstage with Her Ex

In Lousia George’s new novel Backstage with her Ex, Nate Munro has things handed to him a little too easily. And he thinks his highschool crush is just another groupie. But Sasha has a different agenda, she needs support from Nate to help raise funds so that the choir she teaches make it to a musical contest.

I have to admit at first I did not like the character of Nate. He was a little too arrogant. And thought because of his wealth, fame and money it could buy him anything he wanted. Having as many women as he wanted did not help either. While he did turn around by the time he went to Italy with Sasha, I am not sure as a reader I was buying his change where women were concerned. But I have to admit there is something about a bad boy that women just love! Not sure if it is the challenge or something else that makes them so appealing.

Now the character of Sasha I absolutely fell in love with. She devoted her time and her love to her gifted students and would do anything to help make their dreams come true. My only complaint with her character was I thought she fell into bed a little too easily with Nate. I cannot imagine going through what Sasha’s character endured when her father died. Louisa always seems to pull heart wrenching emotions out of her readers with her novels.
I did love the verbal exchanges between Sasha and Nate. And I especially thought that they connected really well when they went to Italy.

I  highly recommend this to fans of Lousia George.

Favorite quote from the book:
‘”Target located? Is he still to die for? What about that ass?’”

4/5 stars
I received a copy from the Author in exchange for an honest review.