Wicked Heat by Nicola Marsh

Wicked Heat (A Feel the Heat novel)

Reviewed by Desere

Insecurities stemming from childhood can have a vital effect on people and the adults they become. You may become exactly what your parents wanted you to be just to make them happy or you may become what makes you happy and thus severing all ties as in the eyes of your parents you are seen as not what they raised you to be.

Whatever the case it proves that what happens in the early years leads to a very strong link in the future. And so also is the case when adults are wronged and their actions lead to heartache and disappointment.

In the new read from Nicola Marsh this is the backdrop for the story of Allegra and Jett. They meet on a trip to a exclusive resort both to try and secure the deal that will save their companies, but they have no idea they are both competing for the same deal. A little twist of a underwear mishap leads them straight into wicked filled nights of blazing hot passion, but when the truth is revealed and the winner announced the real question will be who really won and who lost, for giving up is never an option for either Jett or Allegra.

The character of Allegra was simply terrific! I loved that she was so hard-working and determined to bring her company to the top it made her a go getter get out there and fight for it heroine that I find totally kick-ass! I very much liked that the author let her always want to be in control, it tied in the link with her insecurities in life perfectly when she comes face to face with letting go and taking what is on offer both in and out of the bedroom.

The character of I'll-make-you-fly Jett was absolutely all kinds of delicious hero served with a large dose of perfection. His charming comments and witty lines to seduce Allegra were funny, sexy, passionate and just plain hotter than hot, I will never be looking at a plane again without thinking of being strapped in and enjoying more than just one of heck of a flight! I adored that the author let him be the fun and flirty character in this read, it kept the read fun and light even during times when I as reader could tell it was getting too emotional for Allegra and Jett to handle.

The backdrop settings and dialogue was all heat and sex, but with a emotional punch of the roller-coaster kind,  the author gave enough on the sexual front to remind me as reader of the explosive heat between the characters but did not overwhelm the entire read as happens in some reads were there are more sexual encounters than conversation and it becomes almost boring and you find yourself just wishing it would get to the end, the author ensured that the conversations in between sex ranged from emotional to passionate to understanding to truth revealing to heart stopping, keeping me entertained and rooting for these two, I simply could not stop reading! Perfection Nicola!

I am taking a away a message of trust in any relationship is one of the most important elements, without it there simply will never be proper grounds to build a life on, and communication is of utter importance for when a couple does not communicate things become hidden and the heartache will destroy any chance at happiness. Always talk to each other and do not let previous failures or bad experiences influence your life, instead stand up and try again, yes you might be disappointed or hurt again but it will make you stronger than before and it will remind you that letting go sometimes leads to a better future than any childhood dream could offer up.

I highly recommend this read for all romance fans of reads with loads of scorching hot heat and a beautiful story of love found when control is released and trust engaged! It was fun, flirty, sensual and so darn sexy it took more than just a few minutes to come back down to earth, simply sensational!

5/5 star review
"He shatters her control but can she shatter his defences?"