Maid of Dishonor by Heidi Rice

 Maid of Dishonor (The Wedding Season, #3)

Reviewed by Desere

Every woman has a "I am bad" side, for some it is rather mild but for others it can get pretty much very out of control. And in the end they are left with a huge mess that does not seem is ever going to go away. So the key of course might be to stay good and far away from bad, but we all know there is NO fun in that, as the song goes Girls just wanna have FUN!

In the new Heidi Rice read we meet Gina, she can be bad and I do mean very bad, so bad in fact that she will sleep with about to get married sex on legs Carter! To make it worse Carter is her best friend's brother, talk about awkward!

So we have the almost destruction of a marriage before it ever even really starts and the putting of enormous strain on a friendship, thus leaving things more than just a tad unresolved and uncomfortable.

Fast forward into the future and we are right back where Gina and Carter started, all hot for each other and so ready to jump into bed and pick up where they left off. With Carter being divorced and Gina so ready to jump him, there should be no problem, right?

Wrong, reunions are never easy, there is always a hangup hiding somewhere and in this case the hangup is a secret, the real question is will their love for each other withstand the secret or will the secret tear them apart this time to never reunite, for we all know some-things can never be forgiven.

The character of Gina was awesome! I loved that she goes after what she wants but not the manner she does it in, sleeping with a already engaged man is kind of slutty, but yes in this read it fit with her personality of when being bad go big or go home.

If she sounds like the kind of heroine that you would rather not read, you would be wrong, for as bad as she is, she is also that good. The author lets her character grow up and the message of learn from your past mistakes is very clear. Gina was captivating, fun and I found myself totally loving her.

The character of Carter, was such a typical man, easily seduced by Gina, afterall she is very tempting and his bride to be was a real prude, but yes still very typical male behaviour,  so was not overly nuts about it, but as I have learned from this author's previous books, there is always a reason and something better to come from a not-so-much-loving-this-hero.

And the author totally blew me away when she let him crawl out and pull out all the stops, and he quickly turned into one of those "sweet talk me all you want darling am all your's" hero's and he quickly turned into my favourite character ever written by this author!

The dialogue was sweet, emotional, funny, sexy and full of life, yes truly my dear reading friends I could feel every emotion as they flowed through the characters words, very powerful writing Heidi!

The entire read was exceptionally well written and at no stage did it the author ever bore me, it all was so very yummy and deliciously good that I could not put this read down, simply had to, no needed to go on, to get to the end and the fireworks I knew for sure were coming.

I am taking away a message of making rash decisions in the heat of the moment is not always bad, however if you take the time to stop and truly think about what you are about to act on and the repercussions it can cause you would see that your future might not be the one you dreamed of.

And of course when love rolls your way a second time around, think twice before you hang onto a secret that could destroy a love so kind, so strong and so powerful that when the secret is left unspoken you will never know just how forgiving that love can be.

I highly recommend this read, it was fun, flirty, sexy with a capital S, sizzling, passionate and just plain awesome!

This is book three from The Wedding Dress Diaries the next and final one is The Last Groom Standing by Kimberly Lang.

5/5 star review

" Dishonor and passion leads to a once in a lifetime chance" 

Look out for the fourth and final book in The Wedding Season quartet, Last Groom Standing by Kimberly Lang